Max Barsky wrote a heartfelt appeal after the accident: “I Love you”

Макс Барских написал проникновенное обращение после ДТП: «Люблю»

Famous Ukrainian singer Max Barskih made an appeal after an accident in which fell the day before

Relevant post he published on his page in Instagram.

“Thank you for your words of support! I got accustomed to not forget about all the good that happens in my life. Woke up this morning, the red phone. I shared what happened to each thought for a moment about your own happiness, your life, your security. I’m fine, alive and well! Go on. Love you!”, — wrote the singer.

Макс Барских написал проникновенное обращение после ДТП: «Люблю»

Recall that Max Barskih got in an accident in Los Angeles on may 8.

Immediately after the accident, 29-year-old actor was sent to a clinic in Los Angeles (USA).

“The speed, which drove the second car — was high, so the impact was very strong. Max went in the car and one was wearing a seat belt. He is now in the survey, there is a suspicion on a brain concussion”, — announced Alexander kazhiyan, Director of the artist.

He also explained that the parties to the accident were two. The second driver was not injured, escaped with fright. Max Barsky was hospitalized immediately after the incident.

In turn, the singer after the accident admitted that much stronger now began to appreciate life and reassured fans that he was not injured. The details of the incident Max has decided to remain silent, but the picture clearly shows that a sufficiently strong impact it had on the front of the vehicle.

The incident also responded to the ex-soloist of “VIA Gra” Misha Romanov, who is credited with the novel from the master’s. In August last year the singer became a mother, and father the media and fans believe that is max.

“You are a guardian Angel to so many people! Thank God that everything worked out. Praying for you ❤”, — she wrote on his page in Instagram.

Макс Барских написал проникновенное обращение после ДТП: «Люблю»

Recall, the star of VIA-gra has given birth to the firstborn, the father is called max Barskih.

As reported Рoliteka, Max Barskih publicly said goodbye to the family man.

Also Рoliteka wrote that the accident crashed the well-known Russian singer, the whole body turned black.