Max Barskih crashed in an accident: the machine is soft-boiled, there were photos

Макс Барских разбился в ДТП: машина всмятку, появилось фото

Famous Ukrainian singer Max Barskih got in an accident abroad

Recently he went to Los Angeles and there managed to get into an accident, reporting the accident in a post under a photo of the broken Chevrolet Camaro.

So, the actor admitted that was now much harder to appreciate life and reassured fans that he was not injured. The details of the incident Max has decided to remain silent, but the picture clearly shows that a sufficiently strong impact it had on the front of the vehicle.

Макс Барских разбился в ДТП: машина всмятку, появилось фото
“I forget to cherish every moment of his life. Today, being at the limit, I realized how important this is. Be careful, and appreciate everything we have, and all who are around. Be sure to wear your seat — this will save your life! I’m fine, don’t worry! 😘 (I understand why it happened, and learned my lesson), ” short said Barsky.

Recall, the star of VIA-gra has given birth to the firstborn, the father is called max Barskih.

We also wrote that Max Barskih publicly said goodbye to the family man.

Even politeka reported that the accident crashed the well-known Russian singer, the whole body turned black.