Mathieu Mathieu, unset

mathieu-mathieu-pleine-preparation-album(Bromont) In his bio, Mathieu Mathieu recalls that in his life he was Santa Claus, sandwich man, tree planter, music teacher, restaurant diver, sausage vendor, store, server, harvester, horse coach blind, assisting in detoxification and ice cream shop. All this without having never really away from the music.

As proof, here he advanced with a folk show … and two album projects. Mathieu Mathieu – yes, that’s his real name – will take the stage of the Cultural Centre St. John Bromont on March 19 to deliver Unplugged, acoustic performance it will deliver with ease.

“I wanted to come back to folk. I wanted a cottage atmosphere with the guitar without much amps … as an opportunity to disconnect from modern life, taking time to stop. I have songs that speak of this need to connect with others and to life, “says singer-songwriter Bromont.

After a foray into electric music, Mathieu Mathieu wanted a more organic sound, without fuss. In this show of about 90 minutes, it will give way to some of his compositions, other from the French song repertoire and even some pieces of Leonard Cohen.

Singer-songwriter Inger Woest, Carolina Lemieux singer and bassist Benoît Converset will also be at his side.

double album

Alongside this evening, Mathieu Mathieu is in full preparation of a double album that includes both facets of his personality.

Her frosted side will be expressed through Trendy, on which he explores an electric music “and crazy”. Its natural side will prove on his second CD titled Unplugged, very intimate, where piano, guitar and voice take the whole place. These two twin patties should come out in the fall under the Milagro Records label.

“I like the contrasts, he said. On disk and also on the scene, which is a beautiful place to play these contrasts. ”

The artist, we can cross the tourist office Bromont, where he held a clerk admits that music is at the heart of his work, but he must also earn a living. “It’s healthy to do both. Thus, it remains linked to the life, “he slips.

For kids

This is also the “real” life that inspired him another project. For its merry five years, suffering from verbal dyspraxia – he struggles to pronounce words well – Mathieu Mathieu had the idea of ​​writing songs / rhymes that put each focus on a particular consonant.

“It makes them aware of the value of words. He knows them by heart, “says dad about his son.

From this combination ditties he wants to build the CD The words to help small fisherman in their pronunciation. It remains only to bring it to market.

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