Massive gas leak in the capital began to evacuate, the details of the emergency

Масштабная утечка газа в столице: началась срочная эвакуация, подробности ЧП

The bus crashed into a gas pipe in a residential building of the capital

From-for road accident there was a strong gas leak and it is possible that the building people can fly into the air.

A major accident occurred in the capital of Russia. In Moscow, Perovskaya street on Wednesday, October 9, at about eight o’clock the gas pipe rammed the bus. There was a strong gas leak, Russian media reported.

Масштабная утечка газа в столице: началась срочная эвакуация, подробности ЧП

Because of a bomb threat, the security services have cordoned off the area, blocked the road and started urgent evacuation of residents of nearby houses.

According to preliminary data, have suffered only one person – the driver of the bus.

We have previously reported that the twin sisters died in a terrible accident near Kiev.

The tragedy occurred in trebukhov village, Brovary district, Kyiv region. There is a car at speed rammed the people who crossed the road in the wrong place.

The accident happened near the house. Near the building of the 35-year-old twin sister was crossing the road in the wrong place. At some point they were hit by a passing car. The impact threw the women for a few meters, while in the car broke the windshield.

Both women died directly at the place of accident from injuries incompatible with life.

We also wrote that the city of Striy in the Lviv region, a man was killed under his own car. The accident happened on Tuesday, October 8.

According to police, 55-year-old man during the repair fell off the Jack his car. The body without signs of life found in the garage under the car the daughter of the deceased. She informed the police about the accident with his father.

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On a scene worked it is investigatory-operative group. As established previously, the law enforcement officers, the man was repairing in the garage of your Mercedes car. At some point, the car fell off the Jack and crushed the owner, who from the received traumas has died on a scene.

“On this fact opened criminal proceedings under part 1 St. 115 (premeditated murder) of UK of Ukraine with a mark” an accident”, — is spoken in the message.

Масштабная утечка газа в столице: началась срочная эвакуация, подробности ЧП

Add that terrible emergency happened on the beach, on which there were visitors. A car fell off a 15-metre-high cliff and crashed down.

The incident happened in occupied to the Crimea on a beach in Sudak town on Cape Meganom. There on the beach tent was a massage, fell from a high cliff, the car “Opel Astra”.

Miraculously, neither in the tent nor near it, nor in the car there were no people.

We will remind, the motorist rammed a truck with the military: “he was drunk”.

As reported Politeka the driver directed his car into a crowd of people: there are victims.

Also Politeka wrote that two passenger buses were in a terrible accident