Mass arrests of poles and Ukrainians in Poland, there are victims, details

Массовая драка поляков и украинцев в Польше: есть жертвы, подробности

Ukrainians went to Poland to work, and have earned, apparently, itself criminal terms

The tragedy happened on Easter. In the West of Poland brutally fought Ukrainians and poles.

The conflict occurred in the shop. In the evening the Ukrainians suddenly began to mock the saleswoman outlets. They allegedly insulted. Interceded for the girl local residents, reports Polish radio.

Массовая драка поляков и украинцев в Польше: есть жертвы, подробности

Word for word, and the Ukrainians with the poles converged wall to wall.

In the brawl was attended by eight people – four residents of Ukraine and four poles.

The conflict was seriously injured 40-year-old local resident. It very much struck on the head. The victim was urgently hospitalized.

Ukrainian migrant workers, realizing what he had done, he tried to escape. But was detained by the police.

After a few days the harmed resident of Poland, died in a medical facility. According to doctors, he died from failure of the respiratory and blood circulation, triggered by a head injury.

Polish law enforcement officers believe that the Ukrainians in the fight used the knives. Now our workers instead of work went into custody. Until three months.

They “Shine” up to ten years of imprisonment.

As we wrote earlier, Poland has undergone a large-scale fight with the Ukrainians against the poles. It is reported by the Polish edition Fakt24.

The conflict began with a verbal altercation between a group of poles and Ukrainians at the railway station in Wilno. The quarrel escalated into a fight, pulled a new force.

Массовая драка поляков и украинцев в Польше: есть жертвы, подробности

It is noted that along with the fists were present broken glass bottles. The frightened witness hid in the nearest stop.

The exact cause of the fight, according to the publication, unknown. Witnesses say it all started with a scuffle a few poles and Ukrainians. Emotional opponents broke down and began a large-scale conflict. “Fighters” had no pity and were labeled each other glass container.

Before the police came, the fighters retreated. On the battlefield remained only the broken bottles.

Recall that the Ukrainian actor beat a Professor of philosophy in Poland: “let’s talk like men”.

As reported Politeka, in Poland, attacked the Ukrainians because of their nationality: threatened to destroy.

Also Politeka wrote that Poland is preparing a heavy blow for Ukraine: “This tragedy”.