MARUV with the handsome husband showed real passion: “the Fire, the perfect couple”

MARUV с красавчиком-мужем показала настоящую страсть: "Огонь, идеальная пара"

Scandalous Ukrainian singer MARUV surprised new photo with your favorites

Popularity in his native Ukraine MARUV gained after the National selection contest “Eurovision-2019,” in which she won. However, from participation in the competition, the actress refused.

Already in Europe, MARUV there is a huge army of fans of her work, and she regularly gives concerts in major world capitals, reports clutch.

MARUV с красавчиком-мужем показала настоящую страсть: "Огонь, идеальная пара"

But his personal life MARUV not particularly advertise. It is known that from his student years when the singer worked in a strip bar, she married Alexander Korsun.

The guy from the outset, supported and believed in the talent MARUV. That is why today he is its General Manager, but rather the Director.

Recently on his page in social network Instagram the spouse of the singer has published a rare joint photo of the couple. The picture was taken in Dubai, where MARUV arrived with a concert.

The photo of Anna and Alexander sweet kiss on the background of night city.

Subscribers in the comments admired the couple: “Fire”, “Perfect couple”.

MARUV с красавчиком-мужем показала настоящую страсть: "Огонь, идеальная пара"

Recall that the scandalous Ukrainian singer MARUV again to embarrass in front of his important solo concert in Kiev. The performance of the singer was held in one of the capital’s clubs on Friday, June 14. However, all did not go as smoothly as hoped MARUV.

So, right before the concert, the singer got into a squabble with the journalist of the channel “1+1”. He asked MARUV to whom belongs the occupied Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea. The singer was unable to answer this question and asked the journalist to ask her about something else, but he repeated his question.

The result MARUV pointedly turned and walked away, ignoring not only asked the journalist, but also representatives of other media.

“In the qualifying round of Eurovision Jamal asked you whose Crimea. You did not answer. So whose is the Crimea?” twice asked singer journalist.

“All right, bye all,” said MARUV before you turn around and leave.

Recall MARUV in new shorts stunned the vulgar photo.

As reported Politeka, MARUV gave a candid photo shoot with her girls.

Also Politeka wrote that MARUV was covered with stains and horrified appearance: “yellow-green leopard”.