MARUV first told about his disease: “I learned to cope with the pain”

MARUV впервые рассказала о своей болезни: «научилась справляться с болью»

MARUV and her husband Alexander Korsun has shared the secret

In an exclusive interview to journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, on channel “Ukraine”, they said, what artist has to sacrifice for the sake of popularity.

The controversial singer admitted that despite the millions of views of music videos, the popularity has got after participation in the national selection for Eurovision 2019.

“I really felt it. Can’t ride the subway and go shopping – need to encrypt and put some caps” – shared MARUV with the journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

MARUV впервые рассказала о своей болезни: «научилась справляться с болью»

Anna Korsun is not only a performer, she is also the author and producer of their rooms. All supports her husband and part-time producer.

“We always come down to the concept of costumes and vjing, I am partially involved, but the reins more Anya”, – Alexander Korsun.

The singer admitted that a bright room does not go unnoticed to her health, although she has learned to cope with the pain in my legs after dancing twenty centimeters heels.

“I’m a human varikozny, but you have to sacrifice something. So prevention is very important and exercise – feel better,” says MARUV.

Earlier, the singer also decided to talk in an interview about his life, filming clips, and her work in General. Once the girl has gained popularity, some artists began to copy her style, however the star, in turn, noted that simply wants these people to find “their path and unique”:

“It’s so important to find what makes you comfortable, what you look great and be unique”. As for critics, she was more verbose, noting that he learned to accept it.

“If you’d asked me a year ago, the answer would be that some things hurt, because it was. But now I live by the principle: if you can’t change the situation — change your attitude to it. Confident in what you do,” says Anna, noting also that her work brings pleasure and now the words of the people that it is vulgar, something that is not so engaged and other teachings, are not forced to change their opinion.

MARUV впервые рассказала о своей болезни: «научилась справляться с болью»

At the same time, according to Anna, she often communicates with fans on social networks and tries to answer the letters:

“Now, however, many people start to write. If before I could process all this information and reply to everyone, but now it is virtually impossible. Therefore, randomly choose 5-6 letters and answer them.”

Recall that MARUV in latex shook vulgar photos.

As reported Рoliteka that MARUV sang at the birthday party of the famous producer Russia.

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