Martin Pouliot: between hockey and baseball

prochaines-semaines-martin-pouliot-tresMartin Pouliot is a man very busy these days. In addition to taking the first steps to the Voyageurs bar, it also focuses his time on his job recruiter for the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League.

During the telephone interview Thursday afternoon, he would go elsewhere in the Toronto area for a preliminary meeting of the OHL. He will return to Quebec for the exhibition game of his Saturday in Trois-Rivières and benefit from its passage in Mauricie to attend evening meeting between the Cataractes and Sea Dogs, Shawinigan. “I’ll just do my washing home, ‘says Martin Pouliot, agreeing that the coming weeks will be more complex then it will pair with the end of the hockey and the start of baseball. “I arrange my flutes left and right, to indicate the head coach of the Voyageurs. This is asssez ” tough ”, but I’ll get through it. After the first two weekends of the season, everything will get sorted.

“Even if I had not run in baseball, I would still have decreased the rate from May. It will stay with me a big trip Memorial Cup and I will make only four days instead of seven. So I’m going to miss just one game. This is not a problem, “expressed Martin Pouliot, who cede the reins of the club to his deputies Keven Denis Fortier, Steeve Langlois Dany Coulombe and during his absences.

Prior to accepting the position with the travelers, in succession to Robert Fatal Martin Pouliot has carefully looked at the calendar. With its commitment to hockey, he calculates that he will be absent for a total of four meetings in the regular season. He concedes that the schedule of 42 games instead of 50, it is favorable. He must also comply with this gymnastics series, but they start earlier this season, on August start and he did not complain.

Travelers in action this weekend

The snow still covers the area of ​​the baseball fields, which will not prevent the guests to play their first exhibition games this weekend. The Jonquiérois are expected Saturday in Trois-Rivières and Sunday in Repentigny.

Players of the formation of the League baseball elite of Quebec are already in training for a few weeks. They began in Quebec in mid-March, the center 360 of Baseball Quebec and have spent the past weekend in the gyms of the Arvida versatile.

For these first meetings, and especially those outings, the new coach travelers, Martin Pouliot, who also makes a return to the helm of a team after some years of absence, particularly assess the existing staff. “I’ll play a little everybody says there from the outset.

I’ll maybe make some cuts Sunday after the two meetings. I would have the chance to essentially run my regular team next week in Laval and Longueuil, “he says, also in evaluation of forces in other formations of the provincial circuit.

“It will be an opportunity to see Trois-Rivières and Repentigny and talk to the coaches. I think it will be two good teams and this is a great opportunity to see where we stand. It’s still running and I’ll start showing my system to the guys, “telling Martin Pouliot has not yet established its goals for next season set to begin May 8

US colleges

Four players Voyageurs is currently found in American colleges. Newcomers Derick Philibert, which is at Clarendon College in Texas, and Simon Auger, acquired in return for Justin Levis during the winter period, and Ian-Éric Tremblay, should they arrive in mid-May. They therefore would miss a few games early in the season. Auger and Tremblay are evolving at Trinidad State in Colorado, as the recipient Christopher Stanford, but he is not expected in the Saguenay. It should evolve into a professional circuit in Cape Cod during the summer. “I do not know yet. We’re working on it “, let know Martin Pouliot.

Regarding the succession, the Bantam and Midget teams, respectively led by Vincent Knerr and Kevin Lafrance, have also started their activities in recent weeks.

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