Mars is inhabited: New discoveries specialists

American ufologists found new evidence of life on Mars.


Information about the test results of photos taken with the Mars Rover “Cuorisity” already leaked to the media. The images were published by NASA employees. They can examine the Martian soil with loose stones, near which lies a strange object, like a seashell. Whether this object is microoorganisms or something else, is still unknown. In addition, on the red planet was discovered some sculptures that easily discern a human face.

Unusual sculptures, according to some experts, suggests that the ancient inhabitants of Mars (or other space objects) that created these images had their own culture. However, scientists continue to rest assured that in ancient times the surface of Mars was covered with water, which then evaporated. And the object, resembling a shell, is a reminder of the disaster, in which a neighboring planet into a desert.


Ufologists have repeatedly stated that artifacts of this kind have repeatedly found on Mars. Some of them were not even any small objects, and the whole “spaceships of aliens.” But the official science continues to stubbornly ignore messages of this kind, considering them an exaggeration or speculation. NASA is also officially denied all the speculation on this topic. Although there is a perception that Agency staff has a clear mission for this reason. After all, this kind of data in the restricted and universal access are not available. Moreover, the public has the edited pictures and information, for the most part, have nothing to do with reality.

The same applies to even the surface of Mars, a debate which not long ago broke out with renewed vigor. In particular, we have long been accustomed to that in all the pictures the surface of Mars is red, for which he was named to the red planet. But, there are hypothesis according to which the surface of a neighboring planet is almost the same tone as our. At some point the pictures a real view of the Martian surface began to be replaced by the edited photos, where the planet started to acquire a reddish tint.


In 2015 Mars had discovered dome-shaped structure type, under the assumption of earth scientists, which is some evidence that in ancient times, the planet was inhabited. Rover NASA transferred images which are not far from mount sharp are the unknown structure of enormous size, once before towering over the surface of Mars, and now lying like a defeated giant. “UFO hunters” argue that this is not the only structure that, despite the impact of time is clearly visible. Although there are opinions and that is Photoshop.

The Network posted a lot of pictures, which you can see the line, with a little closer examination is the remains of walls, which constitute the actual proof of the presence on Mars of a certain civilization. By the way, the ufologists say that mankind did not choose Mars the first space object that you plan to colonize. The red planet is not as close to us as the same as Venus or even the Moon, but we are interested in it. And all because scientists believe – in the distant past on Mars lived a reasonable civilization, which had many technologies that could be interesting and useful for humans. So first of all, supporters of the colonization of Mars is driven by the desire to get close to these technologies. And even if many of the structures created by ancient Martians, already rooted in the soil of the red planet and rest in its column, then the chances of finding them and removing to the surface still exist.


Therefore, there is an ongoing debate about what we see in the pictures – a natural geological formation or structure that has an artificial origin. The latter version seems more realistic. At the time the furore was caused by the sent “Cuorisity” where an unknown creature is very close to the Rover and produces some action. Immediately there were a lot of assumptions on the subject that it could be. Among the versions was, of course, giant alien, and a defect in the film, but most importantly that while NASA once again accused that it hides real information, and gives for it that which it sees fit, being in cahoots with the so-called “world government”. The assumption that images that are presented to the public as a Martian, in fact, captured on the Ground, there is still. This version, by the way, explains many “good” shots allegedly sent from a neighboring planet.


Back to our “alien” near the Rover. Proponents of the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence have examined the picture shows a “hump” in which the foreign establishment are allegedly all life support systems. In addition, they suggested that the creature occupied repair “Cuorisity”, which suffered at that moment a little accident. The picture belonged to a series of secret photographs, who were immediately withdrawn from public access, but apparently this photo was accidentally overlooked the “censors” from NASA.

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