Married Mosquitoes have made an expensive gift to another woman: “rolled up in style”

Женатый Комаров сделал дорогой подарок другой женщине: «подкатил с шиком»

While the beautiful wife of Dmitry Komarov fun in France, he decided to give the car

However, the machine is not intended for the spouse of the presenter, and a completely different woman

As reported Politeka, the presenter of the program “the World inside out” Dmitry Komarov impressed everyone with her act. He gave the minibus unusual family that lives in Brazil. The uniqueness of family is that the couple has 13 sons.

Женатый Комаров сделал дорогой подарок другой женщине: «подкатил с шиком»

Children are even named after famous Brazilian players. All the boys are addicted to this sport and trains them himself the head of the family. This is the well-known large football family in the country.

Wife Chitown and Jusi bring up your football team. “11 boys is a football team. Doctors say that the chance of occurrence in the family of 13 boys in a row is very small – the probability equal to one to eight thousand. It is a real phenomenon! Similar families in the world very little”, – said in his TV show Mosquito.

Despite the fact that the family lives in poverty, but it is clear they treat each other with love and warmth.

This family was so impressed by Ukrainian TV presenter that he decided to make them a luxurious gift. Mosquitoes acquired for Chitown, Jushi and their sons used Volkswagen microbus T1.

Mosquitoes carefully prepared. He has adorned the vehicle with balloons again drove to the home of a large family. The couple and their sons at first did not understand what was happening, but when Joe explained to them that this beads they are now, they could not believe in the reality of the situation.

Happy household raised Komarov on his hands and began to throw up.

Женатый Комаров сделал дорогой подарок другой женщине: «подкатил с шиком»

The father could not pick up excitement words. He admitted that he will now be able to go somewhere with all the sons, and the van will give him the opportunity to earn – to carry passengers goods.

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“It was one of the happiest moments of the whole expedition to Brazil. Happiness in the eyes of 13 fellow players, I will never forget,” shared Mosquito.

But that’s not all. Bonus to a chic gift was that the presenter presented the boys the form the national team of Ukraine.

Женатый Комаров сделал дорогой подарок другой женщине: «подкатил с шиком»

We will remind that Dmitry Komarov revealed the truth about the scandal with the shooting in Brazil.

As reported Politeka, Dmitry Komarov was shot in Brazil.

Also Politeka wrote that Dmitry Komarov lost in the expedition.