Married Diana Shurygina boyfriend-stealing from the participant “House-2”

Married Diana Shurygina and after marriage continues to communicate with other men – it became known that she is in correspondence with a member of the scandalous TV project “Dom-2” by Simon Mardanshin. As it turned out, the young man’s name was 18-year-old rape victim to the telestroke love.

The truth came to light while shooting another episode of “House-2”. Correspondence of Diana and Simon told the participant of the project Julia Efremenkova. The girl Mardanshina Mary Kuleshova not have enough words to comment on the situation when the Studio came the infamous star of the “Let them talk”.

“That’s the girl texted Simon and asked her project,” says Efremenkova the footage of the announcement of the formal release of telestroke promulgated in the official community “House-2” the social network “Vkontakte”.
“I don’t know what to say,” – whispered, dropping his microphone in shock Kuleshov.
But the situation could comment on mother Mary, which, as it turned out, also like Simon.

Judging by the face of the Diana, is also present on the set, she didn’t know what would be involved in a love triangle or rather square. However, having a husband, she still came to the Studio to take part in all the squabbles of Lomovtsev. But what is the end of this complicated story will be known tonight.

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