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Shown as a cold person, abrupt, or even downright nasty with Lawrence in Married at first sight, Vicky swears that she is not like that. It ensures that the assembly gives him this image and tells of the adventure she experienced, in taclant in the passing of her husband.

Viewers of the Married at first sight are unanimous : the attitude of Vicky to her husband Laurent in the last episode of the show is really, REALLY not friendly. Suspicious, brittle, icy, young woman, in fact, see all the colors at the poor young man, who eventually crack and cry in the course of their dinner in head-to-head. But according to Vicky, what was shown on M6 does not correspond to the reality. Let’s take the ceremony for example : on the images, one can get the impression that she is moderately excited to marry this stranger. However, according to her, this is wrong : “I have not been as cold as what was shown “, she says to Télé

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During the feast, Vicky seemed to be yet again, a little thrilled to be there : “It didn’t all happen like that, swear t-it. The mounting is really a traitor to me. I was shy, that’s for sure… But, happy to go home with him in the room. We discussed together and with our families. […] I find that the production is spinning things as she wants. The editing is disappointing ! The image that is given of me is not good… “The young woman would like” people to do the difference between coldness and decency ” : “I was embarrassed by the cameras. I did not make this show to become a star of the small screen, but to find love. “And according to it, Laurent had other intentions…

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Vicky believes that her husband “played the game with the prod,” and that it was ” scary “. She even wondered if Lawrence was sincere with it. “During our honeymoon, I was harsh with him. I admit it. But, I doubted a lot of his feelings and of his commitment because I had the impression that he was playing a role in front of the camera, ” she explains. During this trip, I felt alone, abandoned and lost ! “The first morning of the honeymoon, Vicky twitched when Lawrence offered him a bracelet in front of the cameras. “After that, I had only that in mind, she says. Psychologically, I was living very poorly. “This would explain, therefore, his attitude to fleece the rest of the day, including during their trip by boat. A sequence that has strongly annoyed the viewers, but as Vicky explains Télé “We had to do a lot of things in front of the cameras. And, it made me drunk. I really have the impression that Laurent was playing a game with the production. I had the impression to be the turkey of the stuffing… he was asked to do things and that it calculates everything. “

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After “many doubted his sincerity” throughout the first day of their honeymoon, the climax was reached at the dinner. When Laurent, who was very moved, he has been criticized for being icy with him, she rejected it. In tears, Laurent has left the table. Was it the cinema ? Vicky asks the question : “a Few hours before, we were both out of cameras and he told me that everything is going well, that there is no problem between us, in spite of the episode of the boat. And, when it comes to dinner, it me back to this time and starts to cry. Of course, I put his sincerity in question. I really had the impression that it was all for the cameras… And it made me upset. “That would explain his behavior, but Laurent deny any block. Him also contacted by Télé it ensures that Vicky is making films : “It is said that I was hiding something and she is trained. Even now, she complains that when she told me on the phone ! “Let’s see the good side of things : they still speak, at least.

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