Marov undressed behind the scenes of the show “Dances with stars z”: 18 frames blew network

Марув разделась за кулисами шоу "Танці з зірками": кадры 18+ взорвали сеть

Shocking Maruv struck Frank outfit for “Tancah s with a stars”

At the weekend the whole of Ukraine is watching the main dance show in the country. September 8 the third live show “Dances with stars z”, as one of the star participants of the show Anna Korsun, better known under the pseudonym MARUV, shared the hot photos after the broadcast, in his microblog in Instagram.

Марув разделась за кулисами шоу "Танці з зірками": кадры 18+ взорвали сеть

Singer Maruv after the dance, published in Instagram a very hot photo shoot in black and red colors,which demonstrated all the advantages of his fancy, which was made specifically for the 3 issue “s Dances with stars”, the famous Ukrainian designer and designer Yana Cableguy.

Fans started the photo shoot Maruv, and they hastened to write her a bunch of compliments.

Марув разделась за кулисами шоу "Танці з зірками": кадры 18+ взорвали сеть

“The Queen of style and beauty”, “Lobster want to eat”, “Red rose — emblem of love!”, “Wow, what a clear direct fire”, “Sweet provocateur!”, “Sexy fire”, “Queen”, “Chic”, “Ass normal”, “Image ohnište”, — write fans in the comments.

It is worth noting that the singer and her partner JAY danced a sensual contemporary song Jamala | Jamal “Chomu flowers toil Ochi” and dedicated the dance to everyone who comes to my dream. For the first time on the floor “Dances z with stars” along with MARUV out girls from her ballet, garnish with additional dance choreography.

Марув разделась за кулисами шоу "Танці з зірками": кадры 18+ взорвали сеть

We will remind that Natalia Mogilev for the first time commented on the scandal, which broke out after the third release, the shock “s Dances with stars”.

So, Natalia Mogilev decided to respond to his haters and for the first time commented on the barrage of negative reviews after she became a leading balkova third issue of “Tanzu s with a stars”.

Ukrainian singer posted on the page in Instagram post and said it all indignant about his new role.

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“”shivers!”?”, “delighted”, “shame!”…
Over 20 years of my artistic life, I do not remember any such a resonant reaction to my work.
I’m happy to Know that I have so many adherents among the intelligentsia, journalists and spectators. Thanks to all who also wish our anthem sounded Divine and strong.

And you would like to change the words of the hymn to a more positive one? Write here your words, at least one line”, — wrote the artist.

Many fans agreed with the artist.

Recall MARUV without underwear trotted the fifth point directly in front of Jay.

As reported Politeka, Loboda first showed in the video, youngest daughter.

Also Politeka wrote that Monatic first told, why hide the faces of the sons.