Marion Cotillard says he “laughed” at the rumors of his relationship with Brad Pitt

At the time when the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was announced, some accused Marion Cotillard of having an affair with the actor.
Marion Cotillard is currently present in 70 th Cannes Film Festival to promote the film Ghosts of Ishmael Arnaud Desplechin in which she starred with particularly Charlotte Gainsbourg and Louis Garrel . Invited last night on the Croisette for the opening ceremony, she made a sensation on the red carpet.
On the occasion of the promotion of this feature, she spoke on Tuesday in the columns of Paris Match on the triangle in love that is mentioned in the film. A situation that some have lent him a few months ago. The 41-year-old actress and companion of Guillaume Canet was accused of breaking the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The idyll between the American and the French would have been born on the shooting of the film Allies and would have overcome one of the most mythical couples of Hollywood.
Rumors that provoked a torrent of hatred and insults against Marion Cotillard on social networks, but left her marble. “I was introduced as the housebreaker, ” she says in the magazine, ” but it did not move me for two seconds because I had nothing to do with it. “Before returning to the message posted on Instagram at the time in which she put the record straight. “I only rectified and felt the need to react because it hurt my entourage, ” she justifies herself today. But it made me laugh a lot. ”
She said she had read exceptionally the comments of the haters. ” It was so absurd, ” she says. The more awful and disgusting the messages, the more I married. I had a little trouble for them. It is nevertheless crazy to comment as wickedly something that has no foundation! ”
After raising his tone, Guillaume Canet had also decided to laugh. ” I recently learned that Brad Pitt was expecting a child with Marion, for example, that’s it. Things that one accepts more easily, because one experienced them oneself, joked the director of 44 years to the site RTL.be. I also lived tricks by making a movie with Keira Knightley , was loaned us a relationship and it goes like this. “Now the rumors have dissipated and the couple welcomed in joy and serenity his second child,

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