Margin of $500. When new products from Apple will appear in Ukraine and how much they will sell

Ukrainian fans of “Apple” gadgets — low start. 12 September, took place the world presentation of new products from Apple.

Наценка в $500. Когда новинки от Apple появятся в Украине и почем их будут продавать

This time, the company introduced the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Xr Max the iPhone, Apple watch 4 series, iPad Pros, the updated wireless headphones and laptops.

Although the international expert community innovations are not impressed, our sellers place a lot of hope.

“We expect three new iPhones and a smart watch is guaranteed to provide all of the domestic IT retail sales growth in the fourth quarter of this year, at least 90% compared to the same period of 2017”, — said the head of PR-service networks “Citrus” Yulia Drobysheva.

Not less than rosy expectations from online stores which are traditionally expect to deliver new products before the official and hit the jackpot. We will remind: last year in the Wake of excessive demand prices for the new iPhone X started with 3 thousand dollars.

The country learned when Ukraine will deliver the first new iPhone how much they will sell and what will happen to prices on previous iPhone models, which are traditionally cheaper after the launch of new products.

Late and at a premium

At the world premiere, Apple announced the official rates and show the start of sales of new products in different countries. So, in the US, the iPhone XS will cost $ 999, the iPhone XS Max — from $ 1099, iPhone, XR — from 749 dollars. In Europe for iPhone XS a stated price from 1149 euros for the iPhone XS Max — 1249€, for iPhone XR — from 849 Euro (selling this model — from October 26).

In the “Citrus” announced that we expected these prices: iPhone XS – 39 999 UAH. (and more than 1.4 thousand dollars at the exchange rate on 13 Sep) , iPhone XS Max – 44 999 UAH.(1,6 thousand dollars), iPhone, XR — 29 999 UAH. (about 1,1 thousand dollars). In Russia, the price of the iPhone XS starts from 87 990 rubles ( 35.2 thousand UAH.) iPhone XS Max — 96 990 rubles (38.8 thousand UAH)

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“The Apple Watch in an aluminium case will be presented at a price of 13 990 UAH, and returned to the market model in steel case at a price of 22 990 UAH.” — reported in “Citrus”. It is also more expensive than the officially announced prices. In the global sale Apple Watch will come with a price tag of 399 dollars (which is 11.1 thousand UAH.). “Prices traditionally are higher than claimed by Apple more than 25%,” — said the head of the “Telekom” network COMFY Victoria Glushchenko.

At that price the Ukrainian stores will be able to buy new items those who are willing to wait. In official sales they expected in the first half of October, — noted in “Citrus”.

Recall: global sales will start from September 21. They will start in 30 countries, including the USA, countries of Western Europe, Britain, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore etc. the “Second wave” of sales is scheduled for September 28 — new items available in stores in Eastern Europe, Qatar, Oman, India, South Africa, and some countries of the former Soviet Union, particularly Russia, Armenia, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Ukraine in this list traditionally though we have been running the official importer of Apple products company AV Ukraine. As explained by “the Country,” sales Manager Apple products AV Ukraine Dmitriy Ryabenko, we will likely fall into one of the following “waves” — third or fourth. When exactly they will start is still unknown (it is clear only that it will be in October). “The algorithm for generating these lists only Apple knows. We received the notice only on the eve of the supply exact dates and prices,” said Ryabenko.

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Victoria Glushchenko said “the Country” that Ukraine needs to get into the “third wave”, respectively, the timing for us shift for 3-4 weeks.

“Roughly for iPhone XS iPhone XS Max pre-order 4-11 October, the start of sales October 12-19. XR for iPhone pre-order 9 -16 November, the start of sales of 16-23 November,” she said.

It is clear that Apple puts priorities in order of importance for the company of a particular market. And the next wave of sales — third and fourth — not officially announced and initially go with a “floating” dates, which depend on whether there is a shortage of goods on the “main” markets. So if on the novelties in the world will be high demand in Ukraine they will arrive even more late.

“H&M and IKEA are great. Cheap panties and stools are fine, for the country in which there is no money people on more expensive and quality. And I would like to after the presentation of Apple’s new IPhone they said, in a wave of sales, he will appear in Ukraine as other countries. Here it would mean that the country doing more or less… and it is recognized by the company. And while we are not, as in the 1st line of sales, and in the 2nd line of sales, and 3rd lines do not have Apple. Such things”, — wrote on his page in Facebook the head of public organization the national interest of Ukraine Vasyl Apasov.

Do not lay down the price

However, as practice shows of the past, Ukrainians can get the new IPhone almost 1-2 days after the start of world sales. However, you will have to pay double and triple price. So, last year the new IPhone X, which in the US cost from $ 999, and in Europe — from 1,1 thousand EUR in our online stores offered 50-60 thousand hryvnia. And the upper price level reached 3 thousand dollars.

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In the online store Stilus has already announced pre-orders for the new iPhone. However, while it is only possible to leave the application, neither the price nor the timing of deliveries not say. “We will further be in touch,” he promised in Stilus.

In the online store advised to call in a week (that is, 20 September) — then we can pre-order and find out the exact price. Delivery promise already on September 22-23.

Experts with whom I talked “Country”, suggested that such a rush and, accordingly, such crazy prices like last year, on current trends, not be.

Most likely online shopping for the impatient among you will put double the margin, that is, about 2 thousand dollars. The same price is likely to put ordinary Ukrainians that the piece will carry the new IPhone from Europe in the hope to earn. Then, as you increase supply, prices should go down. However, it is unclear how big is the offer and how it will affect the current difficulties at customs.

According to expert estimates, in Ukraine up to 70-80% of Apple products were imported by smuggling. What volume will be able to take this year and how much it will cost gadgets in connection with rise in price of a “ticket” on the border is unclear. But if there is a shortage of goods, the price can go up to 3 thousand dollars.

But now crept down prices on previous IPhone models. The sellers are actively trying to get rid of them in anticipation of new products.

For example, in Stilus IPhone fell to 1-2 thousand UAH. model 8 Plus offers over 21.1 thousand is 23 999 UAH, IPhone X 256 GB — 29 799 31 is 999 UAH.

“The expected decline in prices on previous IPhone lineup and COMFY” — said Victoria Glushchenko.

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