Marc Fortier changes from blue to red

limoge-facon-cavaliere-sagueneens-chicoutimi(Quebec) He wore the blue Nordiques and Chicoutimi. Behold Marc Fortier puts on the red Remparts as a new assistant coach.

“I did not ask from Chicoutimi, but circumstances meant that I was fired. Now I am happy to find myself on the other side, “said one who will assist Philippe Boucher in his head coach duties of Quebec major junior club. Ghislain Rousseau returns caring keepers, while Daniel Renaud in rank.

November 2014, Fortier was dismissed in a cavalier manner the Director General of Chicoutimi, after three and a half years of service. The resident of Quebec has offered his services to his friend Boucher, there a month ago, during a round of golf.

“I’m 15 minutes from home! I am based in Quebec, I experienced the Nordics and the Remparts and it is a joy for me to join this prestigious organization, “he expressed, Tuesday in the offices adjacent to the Centre Remparts Videotron.

All levels

Player, coach, general manager and scout, Fortier held every level of a hockey club. He feels fortunate to continue working in hockey and said he was “ready to take the hours it will take to advance that team.”

“Marc is a positive person, a guy that everyone loves. It will be the big brother to everybody. Our players will not only have a coach with experience, but he is still able to play hockey, “said Boucher.

While the boss especially lead attackers during games, Renaud will be responsible for defenders office previously held by Martin Laperrière. Boucher and Laperriуre are not spoken to since the dismissal of the latter, in April after 11 years with the Remparts.

“After many years, change is good,” Boucher simply comment, saying the Midget AAA players Seminaire Saint-François “blessed” to have now Laperriere as coach.

As for the return of Rousseau with doormen Remparts after two years of absence, Boucher said his replacement by Maxime Ouellet, at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season, was nothing more than a desire to add experience staff for this season of Memorial Cup in Quebec City.

However too busy with the team from Berlin in German Liga, Ouellet remains consultant. Rousseau finds the Callum Booth keeper, with whom he had a good relationship. Fortier, who sees himself as “a soldier in the service of Philip,” will focus among other things the development of young attackers.

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