Many gamers were removed from online games for their political views: the booming scandal

Прокачанного геймера удалили из онлайн-игры за политические взгляды: гремит скандал

Popular American player online games Hearthstone complained of its owners

A Egor Prosvirin announced that has long been a player of Hearthstone and spent tens of thousands of rubles.

“I have never regretted about these expenses, you have a really good game that brought me pleasure”, — he said.

But recently a guy found out that the game banned Hong Kong Pro-player because he came out to protest in the city and broadcast what is happening.

“And at that moment I felt sorry for every spent you a penny, because it is a pity to give money to a lying hypocritical scum, caved in front of the Chinese autocracy and betrayed their principles,” wrote Prosvirin a complaint to the company Bizzard, the developer of the game Hearthstone.

He promises never to return to the game and to incite its members not to spend a dime on Hearthstone.

Прокачанного геймера удалили из онлайн-игры за политические взгляды: гремит скандал

“You have permanently lost a paying customer and gained an enemy. I hope your new friends from Beijing makes you feel any better, a fucking American Pharisees. The devil paid the broken shards, look at what you will pay si Zing-the-Pooh,” wrote Prosvirin.

We will remind, we wrote that a computer game can cure terrible.

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