Manuel Valls : small tackle Emmanuel and Bridget Macron – Here

Manuel Valls had not really expressed on the victory of Emmanuel Macron to the presidency of the Republic. It is now done, and it’s not very nice.

On 7 may, the French elect the successor of François Hollande, and were of Emmanuel Macron as the eighth president of the Fifth Republic. An election who has not been pleased to Manuel Valls, who has not even been able to be present at the nomination for supreme after having lost the primaries of the left. Having ambiguous relationship with the party of the elected president, the former Prime minister and current deputy of the Essonne, has just launched a few spades to his attention – as well as that of Brigitte Macron – in the columns of the Point. If the relations between the two politicians have never been warm, now it’s sure : they will never be !

It must be said that Manuel Valls is not gone with the back of the spoon. More or less discreet in the last few months, the ex-Prime minister make up for lost time. If he called the head of State of “not very clear during his campaign” and in a “half-measure” since his election, he also mentioned, not without irony, the controversy on the bills of makeup Emmanuel Macron and his relationship mediated with his wife : “Her makeup artist, the interview of his wife in It, her dog : people are going to wonder if he is really thinking of them. It reminds me of Nicolas Sarkozy when he said : “With Carla, it is serious.” “And hop ! Two birds with one stone…

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