Mankind will cease to fly into space, scientists announced the terrible: “can only be saved…”

Человечество прекратит полеты в космос, ученые объявили о страшном: "спасти может только…"

Space flight can be stopped because of the huge amounts of space debris in earth orbit

In earth orbit today is this amount of garbage that further flights into space may soon become simply impossible, scientists say. This is stated in a video published on the YouTube channel YES TOMORROW Russia.

Scientists believe that to save space the industry can special satellites that will trap debris and direct it to the surface of the Earth. Also there is the option of collecting the usable debris for reuse.

Человечество прекратит полеты в космос, ученые объявили о страшном: "спасти может только…"

According to the European space agencies around the planet rotates more than 170 million space debris ranging in size from 10 cm to 1 mm, which fly with a speed of 56 thousand km/h and a total weight of 6.3 tonnes.

All this mass of metal during the movement of faces between himself and falls back to earth, causing both environmental and physical harm to the planet.

As previously reported, on 18 September, Soviet satellite reconnaissance “Space-1300” American inflatable spacecraft Genesis II soon may face. This is reported by Russian media, citing Twitter, the company Bigelow Aerospace.

The submission States that the probability of such a collision is 5.6%. If a collision happens, it will happen in 15 hours.

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“Although this is a relatively small probability, it is noticeable that low earth orbit is becoming increasingly littered”, — stated in the message.

Человечество прекратит полеты в космос, ученые объявили о страшном: "спасти может только…"

American inflatable spacecraft Genesis 2 was launched into space on a rocket “Dnepr” from the launching area Dobrowski (Orenburg region) in June 2007.

In turn, detailed satellite reconnaissance “Space-1200” series “Tselina-D”, which was developed and manufactured in Ukrainsi SSR, ran by means of the rocket “Cyclone-3” from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in August 1981.

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As reported Politeka, the student discovered the remains of an ancient monster with horns: “65 million years”.

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