Mankind is left for a long time: scientists have named a date for the world of conflict, “the world will be plunged into darkness”

Человечеству осталось недолго: ученые назвали дату мирового конфликта, "мир погрузится во тьму"

To start a Third world war would be the conflict between India and Pakistan

Nuclear war could flare up in 2025, say researchers from the University of Colorado at boulder and Rutgers University. His vision of the near future are outlined in Science Advances.

They note that relatively small wars that periodically break out between these countries, allowed the two to accumulate enough nuclear weapons, and that it will provoke large-scale slaughter, which will plunge the world into darkness for ten years.

Человечеству осталось недолго: ученые назвали дату мирового конфликта, "мир погрузится во тьму"

Now India and Pakistan for 150 nuclear warheads, and by 2025 that number will increase to 200.

War, according to scientists, will be held in several stages, spreading to other countries, and the number of deaths in this conflict range from 50 to 125 million people.

The biggest losses will be the result of forest fires and the victims of the bombings territories. Because of them in the atmosphere will reach about 36 billion kg of soot, which, huddled together in the clouds, literally will cover the sun for ten years. As a result, the temperature of the planet be reduced by five degrees.

“Cooling slows down hydrological cycle and reduces rainfall by 15-30% globally, and the impact will be different in different regions. For example, in India and in Central China rainfall drops nearly to zero. In the northeast and the Midwest will decrease by 50%” — predict researchers.

Человечеству осталось недолго: ученые назвали дату мирового конфликта, "мир погрузится во тьму"

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This, in turn, will reduce the energy density in biomass plants. On land, it will fall by 30% in the ocean – 15%. The world will face the threat of agricultural disaster and famine.

Earlier we talked about the fact that Russia is developing a hypersonic weapon based on the technology it stole from the United States. Commented on the blast in Russia at Archangel adviser to the U.S. President for homeland security John Bolton.

He is confident that Russia is trying to achieve technological progress in their ability to create the means of delivery of nuclear weapons. The likelihood that other countries will also receive these technologies is a challenge for the US and its allies.

Recall that radiation blast Putin is cluttered with details, the victims were more.

As reported Politeka, nuclear explosion in Russia turned out to be true: Putin finally responded.

Also Politeka wrote that declassified Putin’s plan for a nuclear explosion, details and frames a “new Chernobyl”.