“Managed to trick”: Zelensky was struck by the statement of his associates, “in prison”

"Удалось обмануть": Зеленский поразил заявлением о своих соратниках, "в тюрьму"

The party of Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people” showed the Ukrainians for what it really is

9 June in Kyiv at the National Botanical garden named after Grishko, a Congress of the political party “servant of the people”. Was presented the party list for early parliamentary elections. The broadcast led channel “a servant of the People – the Team Zelenskogo” in YouTube.

Blogger Paul Sebastianovich on his page on Facebook drew attention to the party Congress “servant of the people”.

He could not believe that he lives in a time when the Parliament come hundreds of young normal people. People who volunteered to be deputies.

"Удалось обмануть": Зеленский поразил заявлением о своих соратниках, "в тюрьму"

“Performance Zelensky was already familiar zachodnim, with his usual humor. People came to the party via an open Internet selection. All test failed and someone probably managed to deceive us. But the citizens will help us understand and we will fix committed during the selection error. And just saying, who’s become a whore in jail. For the future, — deprivation of the mandate”, — says Pavel Sebastianovich .

The blogger noted that “the servant of the people” is not just words, not a brand, it’s Outlook. He also called moments, which surprised him. For example, the fact that Dmitry Razumkov continues to contact Zelensky on my name and voice behind the stage, which was in the past.

“Well, naprikole kidding!”, summed up Paul Sebastianovich .

"Удалось обмануть": Зеленский поразил заявлением о своих соратниках, "в тюрьму"

"Удалось обмануть": Зеленский поразил заявлением о своих соратниках, "в тюрьму"

Netizens agreed with the blogger. Many wrote that they also loved the party Congress, Vladimir Zelensky and drew attention to some points which were not at the congresses of other parties:

“I appreciated that in the top 20 included professionals in different spheres of life in the country, not the politicians. I liked that read a hundred, not five or ten. And the entire list will be put on the monthly adaptation in society, with negative opinions about the candidate (reasoned guess), there will be a corresponding reaction. Perhaps for the first time like the Congress party, surprised myself, Yes , fresh air is! Really looking to the Congress of the SN as much as it became easier to breathe!”.

We will remind, Putin publicly attacked Zelensky and hard has paid.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky took the revolutionary decision of the Donbas.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has surprised everyone at the party Congress “servant of the people”.