“Man-spider”: the Russian star series turned out to be a criminal, we know about the two “victims”

«Мужчина-паук»: звезда российских сериалов оказался преступником, известно о двух «жертвах»

A famous actor was caught cheating with a huge amount of money

He fraudulently lured his former lover. Now she intends to punish ex-boyfriend to the fullest extent of the law.

Model Lana Medinger, has an impressive bust size 14 and met with Russian actor 37-year-old Philip Baron, appeared in the TV series “Streets of broken lamps”. Later, she accused the man of fraud in especially large size, Russian media writes.

«Мужчина-паук»: звезда российских сериалов оказался преступником, известно о двух «жертвах»

According to the model, the Baron enticed her one and a half million rubles.

“The man dismissed his network, the man-spider… And I was caught, like many other girls,” admitted Medinger.

She added when he refused to continue his money, he began to threaten her with violence.

Interestingly, Medinger was not the only victim. It was supported by another former mistress of the Baron model Olesya Malibu. She called it “downed pilot”, a loser and an alcoholic.

According to Malibu, the actor settled in her home. “I drive it could not. It was 2016-th year. I was still stupid, not as smart as now. I would have immediately called the police, wrote a statement and he would I left on the article. I his own strength beginning to throw”, — said the model.

Philip Baron starred in the television series “Streets of broken lights”, “Sea devils-4”, “Chief”, “the Inquirer” and others.

As previously reported, a resident of the Dnieper river was the victim of a fraudulent scheme, which left her without a penny. Using the program remote access attacker poked in someone else’s computer and as a result took possession of a considerable sum of money. The woman lost more than 37 thousand hryvnias.

The victim said that she came across an ad about quick earnings. Contacts saw a Skype number and decided to call.

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«Мужчина-паук»: звезда российских сериалов оказался преступником, известно о двух «жертвах»

The man answered and immediately got down to business: a woman at work took, large earnings are promised, just put a condition — he needs to access her computer, because it will monitor the performance of assigned tasks.

Dnepryanka without hesitation gave the conditions of a remote access program, and the attacker was quickly scour through folders, saying, thus clean your PC from viruses.

The woman did not have time to blink, as he went to her page to Private 24. To the question why, the stranger was convinced that it is necessary to open a foreign currency account, because the salary she would receive in dollars. The result of the blind trust lost more than 37 thousand hryvnias.

We will remind, Ukrainians will forgive unaffordable loans were part of the bill.

As reported Politeka, the Board took up the Ukrainians with new forces.

Also Politeka wrote that the bankers figured out how to Rob the Ukrainians, the NBU has discovered the secret loans.