Man brutally murdered with sister and her friend: “Easter sheet”

Мужчина жестоко расправился с сестрой и ее приятелем: "пасхальная жесть"

In Sumy, a man killed his sister and her boyfriend, and then the body burned in a furnace of your own home

Near the city of Sumy police detained previously convicted for the murder of the man who killed her older sister and her boyfriend, reported in the Department of communication of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Sumy region.

To avoid penalties, the attacker burned the bodies of their victims in a furnace. But soon he was detained by militiamen.

Мужчина жестоко расправился с сестрой и ее приятелем: "пасхальная жесть"

So, may 2 the police of the city of City the inhabitant of one of villages of the district. She was looking for 36-year-old son who is still on 29 April left home and never returned.

During the investigation it turned out that the last time a man was seen in a neighboring village with a woman by a strange coincidence, also the neighbors wouldn’t see.

According to information provided by the head of Department of criminal investigation Department of GU Ministry of emergency in the Sumy region Yuriy Kuzmenko, the missing phone is not answered.

“Practicing possible persons with whom he was in contact with these days, in the field of view was the cousin of a woman whom wanted saw the villagers. Last more than a month ago returned from imprisonment places where served sentence for killing a man. But in the place of residence we never found him. This caused some suspicion. Which further confirmed. “- said Kuzmenko.

Мужчина жестоко расправился с сестрой и ее приятелем: "пасхальная жесть"

The suspect was detained outside the village. He denied any involvement in the disappearance of people, however, he found the phone of a man who was wanted by the mother. Then in his house the police found bloody clothes, and oven — charred human remains.

Under pressure from the attacker split. He said that at Easter his cousin buddy came to visit him, had a drink and then had a quarrel, a previously convicted took an axe and inflicted several blows to the guests. Then decided to get rid of the bodies, throwing their wood into the furnace and burned.

Detained for 36 years, his sister was 47 years old.

Against it opened a new criminal case. For the offense he faces life imprisonment.

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