Makron: the USA is pushing Iran to develop nuclear weapons

If you stop Iran in its nuclear activity, you can create a new North Korea, said the President of France.

Pressure from the United States about the need to revise the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program could push Tehran to build its own nuclear weapons. This was stated by the President of France Emmanuel macron in an interview with Time magazine.

“If you want to stop any communication with Iran on the issue of its nuclear activity, you will create a new North Korea. If you cancel the agreement in 2015, what are your other options? To start a war? To Attack Iran? I think it would lead to madness in this region,” said macron.

The French President expressed the belief that signed more than two years ago the agreement is the best possible agreement on Iran. Macron said, if the US cancels it, it will have negative consequences.

Earlier, macron said that the Russian intervention in the Affairs of sovereign States continues to constitute a threat to the United States and France.

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