Makron at the meeting with Putin betrayed Zelensky: “Great power”

Макрон на встрече с Путиным предал Зеленского: "Великая держава"

France has expressed interest in creating a new model of European security cooperation with Russia

This was stated by the President of France Emmanuel macron at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Marseille, writes Columnist.

“I think we, the European Union and Russia, will be able to create a new model of security in this space. Believe in Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” said macron.

Макрон на встрече с Путиным предал Зеленского: "Великая держава"

According to him, the return of Russia to the Council of Europe was one of the steps towards rapprochement with the EU.

Also Makron, calling Russia a “great power”, stressed that the need to “revive” the relations between Moscow and Europe, and “resume dialogue”.

Putin also said that “France is one of our key partners in Europe and the world”.

“This, of course, the bilateral Russian-French cooperation, which has a rich economic content, it is an international problem. Traditionally, Putin and macron use their meetings to a detailed exchange of opinions and verification of hours, as they say, on international Affairs is, of course , Ukraine, and discuss the prospects of continuing to work in the “channel format”, — explained earlier, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Макрон на встрече с Путиным предал Зеленского: "Великая держава"

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The meeting was held on August 19, four days before the summit “the Big seven”, which is scheduled for August 24-26 in the French town of Biarritz on the Atlantic coast. At the talks with Putin discussed the issue of sanctions for the annexation of Ukrainian Crimea and the situation in the Donbas. In addition, a question was raised on another “dream” of the President of Russia – Nord stream-2.

August 7, the French President discussed with Vladimir Zelensky the situation in the Donbas in a telephone conversation. The administration of the French leader noted that Emmanuel macron praised the initiative of the new head of Ukraine.

In addition, Emmanuel macron said that France is fully prepared to achieve in the short term, concrete results in the framework of the “Normandy format”. The presidents agreed in the coming weeks to keep in close contact. Also Makron in a telephone conversation supported the idea Zelensky on an early meeting of leaders “Norman Quartet.”

We will remind, at the Macron smashed the idea Zelensky in Russia.

Also Politeka wrote that became known, why Zelensky need Trump.

And Politeka reported that the Ukrainian Putin’s dream collapsed, a contract with trump was doomed.