Magnetic storms are preparing a triple blow to Ukraine: threat named date in October

Магнитные бури готовят тройной удар по Украине: названы опасные даты в октябре

Magnetic storms will not leave Ukrainians alone and in October

It is expected that this month there will be three magnetic oscillations, the first of which will fall on October 1, writes Beauty HUB.

The storm is not big power, but the possible pressure surges in people who suffer from cardiovascular disease

In addition, this day may be headache and a feeling of weakness, so it’s best not to plan on the given date no major events. According to experts, against the background of increased irritability due to magnetic disturbances may come across.

Магнитные бури готовят тройной удар по Украине: названы опасные даты в октябре

Second meteomar will occur on October 29 – the day the probable deterioration of health, especially for people with chronic diseases. On the background of magnetic fluctuations during this period also it can cause insomnia. Weather-sensitive people may feel a slight headache and dizziness, as well as jumps in blood pressure.

The third will have a magnetic storm on October 30. The most difficult it will take weather-sensitive people, because the symptoms can accumulate over two days. This can happen in a flash of anger, the probable deterioration in mood, a feeling of depression, General weakness.

These periods were easy, nutritionists recommend Ukrainians to abandon the exciting food and drink: coffee, energy drinks, strong tea, spices, garlic, onions, smoked meats, pepper, and alcohol. These days it is better to focus on fruits and berries.

Also recommended to rise sharply from the bed or chair, as this increases the dizziness with a headache. If possible, it is better to refuse from trips on the metro and be extremely focused driving.

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Магнитные бури готовят тройной удар по Украине: названы опасные даты в октябре

To get rid of a headache, Ukrainians suggest mint tea to drink three times a day, and with migraines to escape antispasmodics.

Recall that there are six types of headaches, what does it mean and how to treat.

As reported Politeka, it can be confused with migraine: the signs of dangerous diseases, taking the lives of.

Also Politeka wrote that much drinking is bad for health.