Magnetic storm will hit the Earth, called dates: how to survive five days of hell

Магнитная буря обрушится на Землю, названы даты: как пережить пять дней ада

According to meteorologists, from tomorrow, October 24, for people sensitive to weather changes, starts meteopathies length of five days

Compared to preliminary forecasts, “holiday” stretch of time almost half.

Magnetic storm will begin on October 24 with four points. But at its peak such a long magnetic storm on 25 October 2019 – will reach 5 points. Then three more days of four-will prodolbit through the vessels.

The intensity meteodata somewhat smeared: instead of two magnetic storms in 5 points – a scale of meteomar today only one remains, writes Glavred.

Pressure spikes and headaches when the next magnetic storms will bring more problems. Waiting for someone “flies” before the eyes, others eyes will darken. Because of dizziness, possible nausea.

Doctors warn that meteostanice will affect even healthy people. In particular, they will feel General weakness, irritability, anxiety, trouble sleeping, can throw in heat or cold, possible tremor of the limbs.

Магнитная буря обрушится на Землю, названы даты: как пережить пять дней ада

This week should give up physical and nervous overloads. Is to listen to your body: do not overeat, when you do not want, do not have to trudge to the gym, if wants to go home to sleep it off. And sleep, by the way, it should whenever possible: do not wait for 22:00, and be laid, when I want (and allow things).

Magnetic storms, 24-28 October 2019 intersect with another stressful event in October – the transfer clock to winter time 2019 Ukraine carries out just this Sunday. And the transition to winter 2019 most effusions stress that is weather-sensitive people.

Experts have developed some recommendations to help move the magnetic storms.

Магнитная буря обрушится на Землю, названы даты: как пережить пять дней ада

During magnetic storms the man thickens the blood. Liquefaction of blood entails oxygen exchange. And this, in turn, dizziness, fatigue and sometimes ringing in the ears.

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It is necessary to abandon products, such as thickening the blood. It’s alcohol, sugar and foods high in sugar content and fatty foods (e.g., soda, and bananas, potatoes), protein foods and cured meats.

Such products during magnetic storms should be minimized.

More magnetic storms before the end of this month, the forecast is still not showing.

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