Macron “gave” Zelensky: surfaced details of the meeting with Putin, the Kremlin leaked

Макрон "предал" Зеленского: всплыли подробности встречи с Путиным, в Кремле проговорились

The Kremlin announced the appointment of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of France Emmanuel Makron

During the one-day working visit policy will decide how to continue in the Normandy format. This was reported by press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. The meeting will be held “behind” the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

“This, of course, the bilateral Russian-French cooperation, which has a rich economic content, it is an international problem. Traditionally, Putin and macron use their meetings to a detailed exchange of opinions and verification of hours, as they say, on international Affairs is, of course , Ukraine, and discuss the prospects of continuing to work in the “channel format”, — explained the press-Secretary of Putin.

Макрон "предал" Зеленского: всплыли подробности встречи с Путиным, в Кремле проговорились

Earlier the upcoming meeting also commented on the French President. Emmanuel macron argues that the meeting with the head of the Kremlin will be held in the summer residence in the medieval fortress Bregancon.

“It allows you to work in isolation and receive foreign leaders, what will I do with him (Putin – ed.) in a few weeks,” — said the President of France.

As you know, the meeting will be held on August 19, four days before the summit “the Big seven”, which is scheduled for August 24-26 in the French town of Biarritz on the Atlantic coast. At the talks with Putin will discuss the issue of sanctions for the annexation of Ukrainian Crimea and the situation in the Donbas. In addition, rises the question about the other “dream” of the President of Russia – Nord stream-2.

Макрон "предал" Зеленского: всплыли подробности встречи с Путиным, в Кремле проговорились

Also earlier it was reported that on 7 August, the French President discussed with Vladimir Zelensky the situation in the Donbas in a telephone conversation. The administration of the French leader noted that Emmanuel macron praised the initiative of the new head of Ukraine.

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In addition, Emmanuel macron said that France is fully prepared to achieve in the short term, concrete results in the framework of the “Normandy format”. The presidents agreed in the coming weeks to keep in close contact. Also Makron in a telephone conversation supported the idea Zelensky on an early meeting of leaders “Norman Quartet.”

Recall that Ukraine may abandon the hryvnia, Zelensky suggested replacement: parts of the controversial initiative.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky gave to Bogdan new post: “will now lead…”

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky took the fateful decision on citizenship to Russians: checkmate Putin.