M. A. S. presented in stores virtual mirrors that makeup

Company M. A. C., known throughout the world as a manufacturer of cosmetics has carried out the application of new technologies in their online stores. She presented to the customers a virtual mirror.

Unique novelty appeared in stores several well-known cosmetic brand M. A. C. This work is called virtual mirror, which allows the consumer to try something cosmetic, not causing it directly on the skin. Representatives of the company M. A. S. reported that the use of virtual mirrors will be a real boon for the consumer.

In fact for some women to choose the right tone of lipstick or Foundation, it is a problem, but now these issues can easily be solved in a jiffy. The virtual mirror will be able to demonstrate any means on the skin of the buyer before purchase. In addition, the consumer will be able at all to see in the mirror rather than asking the effect of a consultant or girlfriends. The author of this invention was the company ModiFace.

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