Lyudmila Rusalina supports the women’s initiative of Cherkasy

Людмила Русалина поддерживает женские инициативы Черкасс

May 16 in Cherkassy, with the support of the head of the Charity Fund “Together” Ludmilla Rosalinas, hosted a fantastic women’s forum “women’s Impact”

The event was filled with female energy, intelligence and beauty. The forum discussed important questions about the impact of women on the future and development of this future. Successful, influential, powerful, sincere and United, will be able to achieve the highest goals and realize the most ambitious projects of the future.

Successful business-woman, philanthropist, mother of five children Lyudmila Rusalina, in his speech, said: “It is the Ukrainian women to date, combining tenderness and strength, intelligence and beauty. Today they are the inspiration and driving force towards prosperity of the country. My first call to you: continue to set ambitious goals and high standards to support and influence the implementation of reforms for the sake of happy and developed future of our country. Use your valuable experience and a high level of responsibility to expand opportunities for young people and help them believe that they can live and work in their native land. Unite, cooperate and collaborate to influence the future of the country, promoting human rights, dignity and tolerance. And on a side note, in order for civil society to thrive and steadily developed, the necessary condition is innovative methods and approaches in the implementation of any projects, reforms and initiatives.”