Lyashko paid for with a loud outburst with Zelensky: “the Radical party will not”

Ляшко поплатился за громкую выходку с Зеленским: "Радикальной партии не будет"

The leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko disgraced during the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky, losing the last chances for passage in Parliament

This was told by Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky. In his video on YouTube he pointed to the signs of the imminent defeat of Oleh Lyashko, who came up during the altercation with the new President in Parliament.

20 may, during a speech at the inauguration, Vladimir Zelensky raised the question of the return of the Ukrainian political and war prisoners to their homeland. The President called rescuing prisoners from Russia, the first step to resolving the conflict with Russia. The guarantor briefly switched to Russian language, and added: “I’m Sure they can hear us”.

Ляшко поплатился за громкую выходку с Зеленским: "Радикальной партии не будет"

After that, the leader of the Ukrainian radicals Oleg Lyashko shouted from the audience: “do they Understand the Ukrainian language,” referring to the inhabitants of the occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea. Vladimir Zelensky replied that the Ukrainians understand Ukrainian language. And then shamed MP caustic remark: “Thank you that You continue to divide people, Mr. Lyashko”. The President of Ukraine stressed that Ukrainians are determined not by the passport, and “heart”.

As said Alexander Dubinsky, shortly after the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky called the representatives of the parliamentary factions in the presidential Administration for advice on the procedure of dissolution of Parliament. It is published online it is the letter to Oleg Lyashko.

The journalist believes that the leader of “Radical party” is not good for any discussion. Indeed, the latest rankings show that the fraction will not pass to the Verkhovna Rada on early elections.

Ляшко поплатился за громкую выходку с Зеленским: "Радикальной партии не будет"

“There “Radical party” will not. And may be the only member of the government, if he will give their vote to some people, and, accordingly, Zelensky will put up against him a strong candidate. After today’s skirmish in Parliament, he would have to do it,” said Alexander Dubinsky.

The blogger noticed that the act of Oleh Lyashko is strongly reminiscent of the actions of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. When politicians in the debate run out of constructive arguments to oppose to profitable opponents, they use the army, language and faith. When Oleg Lyashko put forward the claim about “move”, then admitted defeat. “Nothing to say” — summed up Oleksandr Dubinsky in the video blog.

We will remind, Lyashko disgraced PR in a nursing home: “jacket for 18 thousand”.

As reported Politeka, Lyashko has gone to extreme measures against Zelensky: “call to health”, details.

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