Lyashko came to an end, Zelensky announced the verdict odious policy: “got game”

Ляшко пришел конец, у Зеленского озвучили приговор одиозному политику: "доигрался"

“Radical party” Oleg Lyashko will no longer receive state funding

Verkhovna Rada deputies voted for the reduction in state funding of parties obtaining less than 5% of the votes in the parliamentary elections. Proposed by President Vladimir Zelensky amendments to the Law “On political parties in Ukraine” abolish public funding for parties in the parliamentary elections failed to gain more than 5% of the vote.

Thus the party of Oleh Liashko will not be financed from the state budget. Thus, if the law had been changed, Lyashko could expect to receive from the budget about 40 million hryvnias. According to the Ukrainian legislation in the earlier version, the financing from the state budget received party, which gained 2% of votes in the elections. The party Lyashko scored a little more than 4%.

Ляшко пришел конец, у Зеленского озвучили приговор одиозному политику: "доигрался"

Also earlier it was reported that the network has told Alexey Goncharenko wants to spend a billion hryvnia.

MP of Ukraine, member of fraction “the servant of the people” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the journalist Alexander Dubinsky has posted on his YouTube channel DubinskyPro video with the subtitle “Poroshenko and Chicks”. In it he told about how, on whom will descend a considerable amount of “minion Poroshenko”.

“Minion Poroshenko Alexey Goncharenko addressed the Parliament with a bill which offers money from the presidential Fund in the amount of one billion hryvnia to send to Finance programs for cattle,” said Dubinsky.

It is worth remembering that the cow is a favorite subject of Oleg Lyashko. For the first time, accompanied by cows Oleg Lyashko appeared in the autumn of 2011 year. In late 2011, Lyashko tried to hold the animal in the Parliament during protests by farmers.

Ляшко пришел конец, у Зеленского озвучили приговор одиозному политику: "доигрался"

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Recall that today, the Verkhovna Rada approved the bill by President Vladimir Zelensky No. 1030 on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine to postpone the application of penalties for violation of the procedure for import of vehicles into the customs territory of Ukraine.

For a decision voted 284 MP.

Then, on the personal page in Facebook the people’s Deputy from the party “people’s Servant” Liza Bogutskaya wrote a post about voting for the bill.

“Vote now, a reprieve on fines for EuroBLECH. Against — the DOG and the Voice of Peter. That’s all you need to know about those who speak, supposedly, for the rights of ordinary people,” writes Bogutskaya.

Recall Zelensky abruptly reined Razumkov in front of everyone, the details of the scandal.

As reported Politeka, Bogdan scored a trick in Parliament, Poroshenko did not survive.

Also Politeka wrote that became known why Zelensky chose Alexei Goncharuk for the post of Prime Minister.