Lyashko brought the circus to consult with Zelensky: “no sugar”

Ляшко устроил цирк на консультации с Зеленским: «не сахарные»

Oleg Lyashko, no one would say a word, demanding to make it how he wants

May 21 was held the meeting with heads of parliamentary factions and President Vladimir Zelensky.

The leader of the faction of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko came to the meeting by bike. Posing in front of reporters, he said that he hoped that now when meeting with the head of state will not remove the watch and take mobile phones, as required by the security measures.

Ляшко устроил цирк на консультации с Зеленским: «не сахарные»

However, his aspirations went awry.

Just before talks with the newly elected head of state Lyashko first had a fight with his guards, and then made a real circus during a serious event.

The office of the President published the full transcript of the meeting of Vladimir Zelensky with the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada and leaders of parliamentary factions and groups.

It turned out that the consultation started with tantrums, Oleg Lyashko, which words are not allowed to say neither the President, nor the speaker of Parliament, demanding that he first the guards gave him a mobile phone.

He also began to ask the President why he allegedly gave an order not to allow the meeting Lyashko. Moreover, the leader of the radicals said that he was beaten by the guards.

“When I tried to go, they pushed me, they beat me, they took my phone. I inform, if You obviously do not know about, I inform You about this fact”, – Lyashko complained Zelensky.

Zelensky said that all out and tried to continue a constructive dialogue with Andriy Parubiy, which was interrupted by latecomers Lyashko. But Oleg V. so simple and fast does not give up. He began to moan and to extort from the President, that he immediately gave him the phone.

Ляшко устроил цирк на консультации с Зеленским: «не сахарные»

“My phone took your guard. I telefonu <…> Vladimir, I am unable to pick up the phone? Give me the phone. Command security <…> I’m asking You to command the guards to return my phone <…> You took my phone and hit well on the arm. Nothing will survive, not sugar. I am asking, give the command, don’t start his presidency with violations of the Constitution and violations of human rights…”, – hysteria Oleg Lyashko.

In the end, the audience began to take the nerves: “Let’s get to work. We can’t listen to one leader of the faction, we all have equal rights.”

Continue to beg for your mobile phone Liashko some of his colleagues in the Parliament said, “We left all our phones, and we always came to the President and left phones. It’s always been that way. There are rules specific to some.”

In the end, the joint efforts of the leaders managed to calm down.

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