“Lutsenko is long”: from Zelensky made a statement, which was expected by all Ukrainians

"Луценко осталось недолго": у Зеленского сделали заявление, которого ждали все украинцы

The leader of the “servant of the people” Dmitry Razumkov explained that stopping President Vladimir Zelensky shift Yury Lutsenko now

The representative of the President of the party told reporters, when the President will submit the candidacy of the head of the Prosecutor General. During an interview with “Ukrainian radio”, he noted that while Parliament refuses to dismiss Yuriy Lutsenko.

According to Dmitry Razumkov Vladimir Zelensky will name its candidate for the post of attorney General as soon as the acting Minister Yuriy Lutsenko sent in his resignation. He recalled that initially the President clearly outlined his position: to replace the head of the General Prosecutor’s office. The guarantor even made the initiative to the Verkhovna Rada. However, MPs went against the presidential will.

"Луценко осталось недолго": у Зеленского сделали заявление, которого ждали все украинцы

“Parliament could do what it can do is finally to send Yury Vitalyevich resign and give the opportunity to the newly elected Ukrainian President to at least submit the nomination, which he will consider necessary”, — said Dmitry Razumkov.

On specifying question who exactly looked after Vladimir Zelensky, the head of “Servants of the people” replied, “I think the President will announce the nomination as soon as it cleared the acting attorney General”.

According to the statement of Dmitry Razumkov Yury Lutsenko won’t have to take the seat of attorney General. It’s already July 21 in Ukraine will hold early parliamentary elections appointed by the decree of Vladimir Zelensky immediately after the inauguration. Sociological ratings say that a majority of seats in the new Verkhovna Wound should take representatives of the “public Servants”. And they certainly support the President’s proposal and will not replace the leadership of the General Prosecutor’s office.

"Луценко осталось недолго": у Зеленского сделали заявление, которого ждали все украинцы

Meanwhile, Vladimir Zelensky continues to work with Yuri Lutsenko and recently even called him “on the carpet”. In the meeting chaired by the President attended by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova, the chief of the General staff — commander of the armed forces of Ukraine Ruslan Homchak, the interim Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov and other law enforcement agencies. The head of state raised the issue of the scandalous embezzlement of the Ukroboronprom.

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