Lutsenko came to talk to Zelensky: the details of the meeting

Луценко явился на разговор к Зеленскому: подробности встречи

Vladimir Zelensky and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine spoke at the office of “95 quarter”

The newly elected head of state invited Yuriy Lutsenko to talk to the capital office, located in Belarus.

There Zelensky communicated with the public Prosecutor within two hours. Thus, in particular, discussed the work of law enforcement bodies, the newspaper reports, referring to the press service of the GPU.

Луценко явился на разговор к Зеленскому: подробности встречи

As previously reported, Zelensky named the Ministers with whom “say goodbye” in the first place.

Political expert, an adviser and speaker on political issues the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said who exactly fired from their homes in the first place

According to Razumkov, after Zelensky will take place the inauguration of the first case their positions will lose the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin and defense Minister Stepan Poltorak.

In addition, according to the Advisor Zelensky, their posts may lose the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko, if such decision does not rebel the Verkhovna Rada.

“I never give 100%, 99%, that this will not happen,” he said in a live broadcast, when asked whether there will be foreign Minister and defense Minister in their posts when Zelensky. In addition, the Razumkov noted that Ministers are required to delegate the new power.

We also wrote that Vladimir Zelensky said that, what version of the liberation of the occupied part of Donbass he stands for. The candidate in presidents of Ukraine visited the live program “the Right to Vlad”.

Луценко явился на разговор к Зеленскому: подробности встречи

Host of the program asked to answer it to the question, what will happen to the Donbass in the case that Zelensky will take the post of head of state. Zelensky said that he is not ready to take decisive military action, and advocated diplomatic option of de-occupation of the Ukrainian territory.

Vladimir Zelensky is not ready to give the order to release the Donbass by military means. So he answered the question of the journalist. The candidate sounded a quick “No.”

Recall that Zelensky is the sentence: to become aware of new relations between Ukraine and Russia.

As reported Politeka, the source revealed details of the interrogation Poroshenko: what Lutsenko.

Also Politeka wrote that Lutsenko’s wife on vacation was struck by the appearance: “Baba Yaga after plastic surgery”.