Lukashenko will not live long: this message stunned the whole country, “light candles”

Лукашенко проживет недолго: это сообщение ошеломило всю страну, "ставят свечи"

The statement about possible problems at the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, announced in a live broadcast of the Ukrainian TV channels, stirred the people

About the serious life-threatening Lukashenko said the leader of the Belarusian opposition movement for “Freedom” Yuri Hubarevich.

So, he did not rule out that the old Man, after Viktor Yanukovych flee to Rostov-on-don. In this case, he will not live long, said the politician.

Лукашенко проживет недолго: это сообщение ошеломило всю страну, "ставят свечи"

“For Lukashenka, it will be political death. He understands that the way to Rostov after Yanukovych had not. If he leaves, it will live very long. Therefore, it will be the last to cling to power here in Belarus. Naturally, he will not allow any external influence and the possibility of weakening his power, either through the economy or through politics or through some contracts. It is possible that he can sign, but absolutely will not perform,” – said Hubarevich.

The Network reacted to the statement Hubarevich.

“God forbid old Man’s health. He still needs to create the Belarusian Federal district, so no time to die”, – commented on the message on his Twitter page, the blogger with the nickname Kremlin Messenger. The commentator added that it will supply for Lukashenko candle before images.

Лукашенко проживет недолго: это сообщение ошеломило всю страну, "ставят свечи"

There were those who missed no opportunity to criticize Lukashenka’s policy. So, some netizens suggested that the situation with the economy in Belarus heavy, time Dad at every meeting with the Russian leadership requests assistance.

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However, the statement of Lukashenka about Hubarevich horrified not all. “Why do you write such headlines? Belarusians almost died from joy,” wrote a reader with the nickname Belarusian.

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Also Politeka wrote that the APU had suffered an irreparable loss in the area of environmental protection.