Lukashenko ordered to close the border for bandits with weapons from the Ukraine

On the border will increase the number of border guards.

Лукашенко наказав перекрити кордон для бандитів зі зброєю з України

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has ordered to strengthen protection of the border with Ukraine to stop the smuggling of weapons, informs Rus.Media.

He said this at a meeting with Secretary of the security Council and Chairman of the state border Committee of Belarus, the press service of the President.

“We took the decision to strengthen the border with Ukraine. We can see how much there is trouble today in Belarus, including weapons smuggled. We need to close the border. But not for decent people, and for criminals, for those who carry the weapons,” – said Lukashenko.

To confirm his words he cited data of the Ministry of interior about the arrest of a man with a large Arsenal of weapons (machine guns, submachine guns, rifles, and 10 thousand rounds).

“Collect? So combat is still a weapon. Here collectors… from all of this? Looked in our army all over the place. Delivered. It was therefore decided to establish the border with Ukraine. It does not need strength. Let’s see. But not EN masse – to a hundred, or a thousand and one person, where necessary. Without any superiors. Chiefs should be at a minimum”, – said Lukashenko.

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