Lukashenko is crazy: wants Ukraine and Russia…

Лукашенко сошел с ума: хочет, чтоб Украина и Россия...

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made a very strange statement

He proposed to hold the Olympics together with Ukraine or Russia.

“Of course, it is difficult for us to compete with the giants, but with, say, Ukrainians or Russians we are able to hold the Olympics. The facilities for the Olympics are ready. Now the national football stadium build for water sports are football. In Russia, the whole infrastructure was created under the football. Can easily with them to host the Olympics. And here mostly to spend the summer in Belarus — with the help of Russians or Ukrainians. They have objects, which we lack,” — said Lukashenko.

Лукашенко сошел с ума: хочет, чтоб Украина и Россия...

He added that the country already hosts large-scale sports forums, including the European games, athletics match Europe, the United States, in the future will jointly with Latvia world hockey championship.

We note, in July the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky instructed the government to develop a strategic development plan which will enable the Republic to qualify for the Olympic games.

Previously, we reported that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko issued a decree to close the border with Ukraine. According to him, Minsk allegedly has strengthened border controls because of the “large number of weapons, which falls into the territory of the Republic of Ukraine.”

“A flood of weapons. Well, there where guns in the hands of ordinary people and especially… nationalist – wait for terrorism,” – said the President of Belarus.

But the official Minsk has denied the statement of President Alexander Lukashenko that Belarus allegedly closed the border due to the fact that from the territory of Ukraine in the Republic got a large number of weapons.

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Лукашенко сошел с ума: хочет, чтоб Украина и Россия...

A similar statement was made by the Secretary of security Council Stanislav Zas. According to him, Belarus has not closed the state border with Ukraine and “only strengthened the guard, ostensibly to prevent illegal importation of arms.”

We will remind, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko surprised by the weird statement about Ukraine.

Рoliteka previously reported that in the Kremlin commented on the dispute, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin.

Also Рoliteka reported about why Lukashenko “takes hostages” of the Ukrainians.