Lukashenka’s words scalded Putin, the Kremlin has lost the gift of speech: “We are ready to send troops to Ukraine”

Слова Лукашенко ошпарили Путина, в Кремле потеряли дар речи: «Мы готовы ввести войска в Украину»

The Kremlin reacted to the words of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko that Russia is a party to the conflict in the Donbas

Information commented the press Secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov. According to him, Russia is “in no way was, is or will be a party to this conflict.”

From clarifying the journalist’s question on why Russia is a party to the conflict began to call her own allies, the press Secretary of the leader of the aggressors left.

“Here you need not to look for the approach in this matter, no matter who anyone who believes,” — said Peskov.

Слова Лукашенко ошпарили Путина, в Кремле потеряли дар речи: «Мы готовы ввести войска в Украину»

Earlier, Lukashenko said that the fighting in the Donbass, which continues in 2014, are the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This he announced during the forum in Minsk.

“Don’t after me to say that this is not a conflict of Russia and Ukraine. Yes, it is not necessary to ignore the leaders of “LNR” and “DNR” — unrecognized. Yes, unrecognized, but they are there, they too cannot be avoided. It is a question of agreements. Importantly, the main parties (Ukraine and Russia) got involved in the consideration of this conflict and make decisions”, — he stressed.

Also, the President of Belarus expressed readiness to provide peacekeepers to monitor the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Donbass.

“If you want, we have closed the border 400 kilometers between Ukraine and Russia, which are not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, we will close that border,” he said.

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Слова Лукашенко ошпарили Путина, в Кремле потеряли дар речи: «Мы готовы ввести войска в Украину»

At the same time, Lukashenka stressed that the main condition will be the agreement of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

“Though for me this is a big problem to get involved in this conflict, but we are ready to introduce peacekeepers, border guards, troops, whatever you want, but we are ready to close the border, if the consent of both parties. We’ll be at the border as agreed by two countries — Ukraine and Russia”, — explained the President of Belarus.

We will remind, the expert spoke about the relations of Belarus with the Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, Lukashenko Zelensky mocked Vladimir Putin in front of everyone.

Also Politeka wrote that Lukashenko was struck by the frankness, the Zelensky eyes on the forehead climbed.