Lukashenka met with Putin and spoke about the overthrow Zelensky: first details

Лукашенко встретился с Путиным и заговорил о свержении Зеленского: первые подробности

Alexander Lukashenko supported the new Ukrainian authorities and urged to prevent the overthrow of Vladimir Zelensky

The unexpected statement of the President of Belarus made at the summit of leaders of Commonwealth of independent States (CIS).
Lukashenko admitted that now he and those present at the summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin “immersed in Ukrainian”.

“Speaking about the new government in Ukraine, I would like to encourage you to maintain that power. You see the trend is already to minimize this power, to twist, to overthrow, but we must understand, who then come to power in Ukraine”, — said the Belarusian President.

He believes that the overthrow of power in Ukraine will lead to more serious problems than the “hotbed of nationalism”. In addition, he stressed that Ukraine should remain part of the CIS. Lukashenko recalled that in due time he strongly dissuaded the former President of Petro Poroshenko from the exit from the Commonwealth.

Лукашенко встретился с Путиным и заговорил о свержении Зеленского: первые подробности

“It would be bad if the current President of Ukraine, and it is sane, normal person, were present with us. He would not have problems to talk to one President, the second, the third, to meet here with the President of Russia, about which he now says a lot,” — said Lukashenko.

Earlier it was reported that they learned the details of the agreements between presidents Vladimir Zelensky and Alexander Lukashenko.

It is reported that Vladimir Zelensky Aleksandr Lukashenko during last meeting agreed to broadcast Ukrainian TV channels in Belarus and Vice versa.

It is noted that the Ukrainian TV channels will broadcast in neighboring Belarus in order to fight the Kremlin’s propaganda.

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“The President of Belarus do not mind that it was not only a leisure product but also a political one. What channels exactly it will be, Zelensky does not know”, — reported in the network.

Лукашенко встретился с Путиным и заговорил о свержении Зеленского: первые подробности

During yesterday’s press marathon, President Vladimir Zelensky also noted that in Ukraine there will be Belarusian channels.

It is worth noting that Belarus and the Russian Federation — Union state, so we should not exclude that on the screen of the Ukrainian TV can suddenly appear Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin.

Recall that the unexpected happened to Zelensky, the paramedics arrived.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky in one fell swoop beat Putin and Lukashenko, this has not happened.

Also Politeka wrote about the merge of Belarus and Russia, revealed Putin’s cunning plan.