Lukas Sedlak raises the Calder Cup

lukas-sedlak-arriere-coequipiers-monstersLukas Sedlak has two very good reasons to smile by these days. The former Chicoutimi raised the Calder Cup Saturday emblem of supremacy in the American Hockey League. On a personal note, the Czech forward had playoff thunder for the Lake Erie Monsters with 16 points in 17 games.

This is virtually the same total as in regular season Sedlak who had amassed 18 points in 54 games. As in his two seasons passage in Chicoutimi, the Czech continues to excel defensively with a combined differential of +29 in the last year. In a telephone interview with The Daily, he had difficulty explaining his recent offensive success that have placed in the leaders of the circuit in series.

“I do not know. It has started to go really well when I was placed on the third line with players with a little more talent. I got more chances and I was lucky enough to score a few times, which really increased my confidence “, summarize Lukas Sedlak has hit the target nine times, the second highest total elimination, a goal behind teammate Oliver Bjorkstrand.

With this performance, he will present to the next training camp Columbus Blue Jackets with the intention to earn a spot and convinced that he is able to do so. He also signed a new contract last month of a season. “I hope to have more opportunity to assert myself at training camp and successfully show that I can play at the highest level in the world” to express Lukas Sedlak who are not necessarily waiting for his third professional season would end with honors.

“When the season starts, you hope to make a long way in the playoffs, but you never expect it. It all started to click in March and lost only four of our last 25 meetings. We took lots of momentum late in the season, “emphasized the 23-year-old will spend the summer in the Czech Republic, not without having celebrated winning the Calder Cup, the traditional parade Tuesday in Cleveland. “Some partys and I go home,” announced laughing Lukas Sedlak.

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