Lovers of Stalin was severely beaten by the Ukrainians in Europe: details and footage of the incident

Любители Сталина жестоко избили украинцев в Европе: подробности и кадры ЧП

Participants of the action “Immortal regiment” attacked Ukrainians in the capital of Portugal

About this told the head of the Union of Ukrainians in Portugal, Pavlo Sadokha on the Facebook page.

According to the Hosts, the Ukrainians Lisbon found out that Pro-Russian organizations supported by the Embassy of Russia in Portugal, decided to conduct its advocacy campaign “Immortal regiment”.

Любители Сталина жестоко избили украинцев в Европе: подробности и кадры ЧП

The Union of Ukrainians of Portugal and the Ambassador of Ukraine tried to warn the municipal authority of Lisbon about the potential risks, but advocates still managed to take to the streets.

In response, the Ukrainians decided to hold their peaceful protest and staged a nearby rally with placards.

“Representatives of the Ukrainian community in Portugal learning from social networks about the campaign, also took part in it, but with posters and slogans that show the true Stalin’s role in the outbreak of the Second World war and the many victims of Stalin’s terror and the current Moscow-Ukrainian war”, — says Pavlo Sadokha.

The participants of “Immortal regiment” did not like the actions of the Ukrainians. The Communists moved on to the assault.

“Was torn posters, ripped and broken phone one Ukrainian women at and after the rally was attacked the car of one activist of the Ukrainian community, which in the eyes of his one year old grandson smashed headlight in the car and he received some blows with a baseball bat on the body,” — said Pavlo Sadokha.

According to the Ukrainian, the actions of the Russians and their minions once again showed the aggressive and chauvinistic nature of their actions.

Recall that the network has made fun of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was preparing to give the Ukrainians passports of their country

Related pictures published cartoonist Sergei Elkin on his Twitter page.

So, one of them is Putin behind barbed wire and allegedly shouts in a loudspeaker: “Ukrainians, come to us. You’ll get a bacon, vodka and a passport.”

Recall that thousands of Ukrainians will be left without citizenship.

We also wrote that Russia invites Ukrainians in all ways.

Even politeka reported that Zelensky has explained the need for dual citizenship.