Lovers meet in Alma to live Euro 2016

quelque-75-personnes-rassemblees-dimancheFrench and Quebecers gathered Sunday afternoon at the Alma soccer space to attend the final of Euro 2016 between Portugal and France.

In all, between 70 and 80 people gathered in the local of the Sacred Heart Street. A drink in hand or a meal before them, people talking and laughing, but most had their eyes on television screens.

“It is the only place in the region where soccer fans can gather to listen to all sides together,” says the owner of the soccer ground, Benoit Lavoie.

He expected that his business affiliated with Apollo restaurant, is completely filled during the final of the tournament. “France has been the most followed team tournament. It’s like our cousins, so it’s normal, “he says.

Indeed, we noticed several blue sweaters among those who attended the match. It was also the majority of the crowd shouting, joy or disappointment on nice play France or bad decisions of the referee.

Still, we could see a few fans in the colors of Portugal.

“I really like it to be here. There are many fans of soccer. There for France, there to Portugal, so it’s nice that there is still a rivalry here, “said Mathis Bouchard Rouleau, 13, who attended the match with his family .

Some French were present, even if some of them do not really follow sports.

“We’re still happy to come here because it reminds us a little of the atmosphere here. We are delighted to come to the Espace soccer every game, “said the French Nabila Bedjbedj.

All parts of the Euro 2016 have been presented at this point, although some meetings have attracted more people than others.

“In Quebec, you do not like football, launches with a smile Xavier CANESSON in Quebec for about a month. Finally, a little less: it is not so popular in France! So here, we can all come to party together! ”

The French were accompanied by a Quebecois friend, the only group to wear the official team jersey.

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