“Lover” lorac complained of difficulty: “support is Important”

«Любовник» Лорак пожаловался на трудности: «Важна поддержка»

The representative of Russia at Eurovision-2019 Sergey Lazarev complained of the difficulties he had to face at the second rehearsal

My impressions of the preparation for the contest, the singer shared on Instagram. He said that during rehearsals he had a lot of problems because of stage numbers that uses a lot of mirrors.

“Held the second rehearsal on Eurovision stage… still have technical issues and complexity of the photography rooms, because the huge number of reflections and it is important to take a room with the right angles,” — said Lazarev.

He called my room very sophisticated in their execution, and shooting. The singer expressed the hope that all his efforts will not be in vain.

«Любовник» Лорак пожаловался на трудности: «Важна поддержка»

“Support is important…” — summed up the singer.

«Любовник» Лорак пожаловался на трудности: «Важна поддержка» «Любовник» Лорак пожаловался на трудности: «Важна поддержка»

Earlier we wrote that the novel Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev has become public knowledge, it is dismantled, as fans of the stars and experts of psychology, numerology and other Sciences.

Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev feel for each other is not just friendly feelings. A romantic relationship is born between them but gradually. About this relationship lately a lot of talk fans artists.

Family psychologist Anna Khnykina told what actually connects Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev friendship or love. She also gave the answer to many fans question why stars are still not together.

According to the psychologist, now in Carolina and Sergey many points of contact, to be friends. But these points — common interests, Hobbies, views — due to their profession.

If you pay attention to what lorac and Lazarev — bright, well kept with high — esteem are drawn to each other (because they really go together to relax and publish a joint photo in social networks, at parties sitting at the same table and the like), they are “nice to each other and enjoy the fellowship.”

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