Love a fan of Olga Buzova for her head broke the windshield of a car

Devoted fan of Olga Buzova for Laika from the beloved singer decided to break the forehead windshield of the car. The media decided to help hot Caucasian to convey his message to his idol.

Olga Buzova is crazy the whole country with their hits and a slender body that is willingly demonstrates on Instagram, on stage and in music videos. Succumb to the charms of the leading “House-2” and hot Caucasian guys.

For example, the presenter managed to captivate the inhabitant of the North Ossetia, was registered on Instagram under the name xitei. Man has long been shooting a video for the woman of his dreams and doesn’t hide warm feelings towards her.

He has previously recorded your performance hits Olga and dancing to them and asked Buzova give him a ticket to his concert in Vladikavkaz and take it to your dancer.

However, the message of a lover Ossetians never came to TV stars. And then for the sake of likes from his favorite xitei decided on a desperate act.

Fan leading telestroke, apparently, working as a mechanic for such a minor token by Olga broke the head a windshield of a car. All this man did, singing Buzova “Used” and stating that he no longer feels pain.
“Olenka, I’m your fan the correct present ,you will roll all the mountains,” commented a desperate fan video of the presenter.

Note that in an unexpected move hot Caucasian drew the attention of the press. Now, when the media released information about the feelings of Ossetians to the leading “House-2”, dedicated fan Buzova there are more chances that his beloved woman will pay attention to it.

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