Loud state of emergency at a press marathon with Zelensky brought together police: “Oh, my God,” the details and footage

Громкое ЧП на пресс-марафоне с Зеленским, съехалась полиция: "Ой, Боже", подробности и кадры

Press marathon with President Vladimir Zelensky turned to scandal

It is reported Politeka (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end)

So, the organizers of the marathon with journalists in Kyiv Food Market was forced to suspend the event because of a woman who rushed into the building shouting.

Громкое ЧП на пресс-марафоне с Зеленским, съехалась полиция: "Ой, Боже", подробности и кадры

A woman who is not a member of the media, stormed the Kyiv Food Market due to the fact that it allegedly did not allow to President Vladimir Zelensky and not allowed to put their questions to the President.

The woman broke into the center of the building and began to shout loudly, demanding to call the police. “Oh, God”, — so responded the journalists at the sudden cries in Kyiv Food Market, where the press-marathon Vladimir Zelensky

She also had Atamas Tamara Ivanovna, a lawyer, widow of the deceased in the Donbass military and retired.

At press marathon she came in, ostensibly to appeal to President Vladimir Zelensky’s call to cancel immunity of judges because “in Ukraine there is no equality.” Speaking a few minutes in front of the cameras, the woman withdrew from the room.

Громкое ЧП на пресс-марафоне с Зеленским, съехалась полиция: "Ой, Боже", подробности и кадры

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Previously, we reported that Vladimir Zelensky went through tough arrested Sergei Pashinsky. He said this to journalists during the press-marathon. Zelensky said that people complain — “spring has passed, it’s already autumn and landings no”, and gave the police time till November 1 to show the result of the investigations into corrupt officials

Separately, he walked across to the ex-people’s Deputy Sergey Pashinsky. Reporters asked why he was arrested for a common crime, then as to him a lot of questions on corruption.

“Go outside and ask — Pashinsky — bandit, or not?”. Ask people at all! I give you a 100% a 100 people ask, 100 people will say Yes. You just say — “why him?”… I’m not affected? Is not affected!”, said Zelensky.

Recall Zelensky stunned a statement in front of millions of people: such Putin is not expected.

As reported Politeka, scandal Zelensky and trump inflames with new force: the account goes on the clock.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky was struck by a deed before meeting with trump.