Loud hostage crisis: inadequate threatening to burn the bus, footage from the event

Громкий захват заложников: неадекват угрожает сжечь автобус, кадры с места событий

Inadequate man took hostages, requirements unknown

In Rio de Janeiro (city in Brazil), a gunman seized a bus with passengers.

The incident occurred on the morning of August 20. Spokesman of the Federal road police Sheila Hay said that while the unknown true demands of the invader.

As noted, the man stopped traffic on the bridge between Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, posing as an officer in the military police. The suspect threatened to douse the bus in gasoline and set on fire.

At the moment, freed four hostages — three women and a man, now there are negotiations, that he let more people.

From the information provided by the media, was already known about the five released. Now 17 people remain on the bus.

At the scene works special forces, according to which the kidnapper disoriented. It turned out that the bridge Guanabara blocked.

The statement of the thief that he is a COP, not yet confirmed.

According to recent reports, the sniper eliminated the man who took hostages.

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We will remind, this summer in the river occurred traffic jams. Tourists made scandal from-for delays of flight to 20 hours. According to the user network, the plane had to fly at 7 am, but the flight was suddenly rescheduled for 20 hours due to the fact that the plane was in an unhealthy state.

“MAU, stop torturing yourself and passengers, you will leave the market! And certainly enough to keep Dnipro hostage by limiting the flights of other airlines at the airport!”, — added the author of the post.

The man was supported by other Ukrainians.

Earlier we wrote that in Russia the plane with passengers made an emergency landing. The plane was flying flight “Tyumen – Mineralnye Vody”. As a result, the Boeing 737 took off from Tyumen airport, but after a while the pilots load sensor on the landing gear failure. The aircraft was immediately sent towards the airport and landed the aircraft.

The investigative Committee began checking on the fact of the emergency landing. As noted, the plane gained height, but the load sensor of the landing gear failure, the aircraft commander made a decision on the development of the fuel and the return side to the departure airport.

On Board the aircraft were 105 passengers, including 19 children, and 5 crew members.

We will remind, the plane with the Russians broke in the sky.

As reported Politeka, the incident occurred with the plane, which was flying the Russians: “during the flight, noticed the terrible.”

Politeka also wrote that the plane crashed into popular among Ukrainians resort: “people burned alive”.