Loss of hearing, vision, and seizures: what happens to the body if not enough to drink

Потеря слуха, зрения и судороги: что происходит с организмом, если мало пить

The lack of fluid in the body can lead to serious consequences and death

Ukrainian nutritionist Svetlana FUS spoke about the shocking consequences that can happen because of a banal shortage of water in the body. Appropriate post expert has published on his page in Instagram.

The importance of water in our bodies is confirmed by the fact that without food we can survive for several weeks and without water for just a few days.

“On average, our body consists of 70% water. For example, blood 83%, brain, heart, muscles 76% of the fluid. Even the bones of 15-20% water,” — says nutritionist.

To demonstrate why you need to constantly maintain the volume of water in the body, Svetlana FUS has provided evidence that when a large water reduction in humans may worsen hearing, sight, and also be cramps in the muscles.

Потеря слуха, зрения и судороги: что происходит с организмом, если мало пить

The expert stressed that the volume of water in our body should always be maintained. Normal its content in organs and tissues is an important factor for the functioning and for the whole body is a condition of existence.

“One of the main reasons for the development and consequence of many diseases is dehydration. It can lead to high blood pressure, migraines, pain in back and joints, excess weight. Lack of fluid leads to constipation and formation of kidney stones, gall bladder,” — says nutritionist.

She added that low water intake is accompanied by a deterioration of the skin (becomes limp and wrinkled), hair (dry and brittle), nails (begin to stratify).

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Потеря слуха, зрения и судороги: что происходит с организмом, если мало пить

And Vice versa. When the body gets enough water, on the contrary, decreases cholesterol, blood pressure normalizes, the functioning of the intestine. Hair becomes healthier, the skin glows with moisture leaving fine lines and dryness.

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