Lorak was puzzled by a new image: “So short, have not had a haircut”

Лорак озадачила новым имиджем: "Так коротко еще не стриглась"

Scandalously known Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who has been living and working in Russia, impressed fans of unusual photo

As you know, now the singer a rough time recently Lorak divorced her husband and had a ball: the actress began actively touring with concerts, go on holiday abroad and to surprise the public a candid and provocative outfits. Thus lorac actively demonstrates to others that she’s fine and her career is not in place.

And this time in the photo, which appeared in the account of Ani Lorak, she appeared on the overview of the audience in an unusual “dressed”. It is unusual because the last time fans saw on the page Ani Lorak only photos and videos from concerts in which she poses in a revealing and outrageous outfits. Because that’s what her stage costumes for which the artist has been much criticized.

Лорак озадачила новым имиджем: "Так коротко еще не стриглась"

This time followers Lorak was not satisfied that she is overdressed. Star on submitted photo posing in a black pantsuit, a t-shirt with print and sunglasses. Their way she added a bag Michael Kors.

Your photo artist added a short statement: “Listen to the music inside yourself.”

Fans had not to wait and began to actively discuss the new post: “What a beautiful 😍 Waiting for the prize, Ru TV ! Vote every day for you🔥”, “Oh, was he dressed?” “Elegant … and words no more)”, “Caroline, you expect in Sochi this summer? We are just very forward, and there is no information..”, “What a beautiful and Sunny 😍we missed you! Good evening, Karolinska🙏”, “Sunny! Favorite sun! 🌻 ✨ 😘 😘 ✌ It’s amazing ✨ have a good day! ✌ I 🙏”, “that’s right. Inner melody sets the motive of all life 👏”.

Лорак озадачила новым имиджем: "Так коротко еще не стриглась"

Recall that Ani Lorak has changed beyond recognition after the divorce

As reported Politeka, Ani Lorak long concealed an illegitimate son

Also Politeka wrote that Ani Lorak surprised rounded belly