Lorak suggested unexpected candidacy for the presidency: “in the soul of a child”

Лорак предложила неожиданную кандидатуру в президенты: «в душе ребенок»

Ani Lorak think her candidacy is very appropriate because this person is a real fan and love truly

Lorac is closely watching the Eurovision song contest. Still, there is from Russia, Sergey Lazarev, which fans are predicting her husband.

Ukrainian singer, who moved to permanent residence in Russia, does not rule out that her “fiance” can return home the winner because it produced the singer Philip Kirkorov, writes the Source.

Лорак предложила неожиданную кандидатуру в президенты: «в душе ребенок»

By the way, Kirkorov helped and lorac for a music competition back in 2008. Then Caroline brought a silver award.

Lorac noticed that, like Lazarus, she at the Eurovision song contest were already an accomplished performer. “My experience is we multiplied by the professionalism of our team and got the result. I won second place. But it’s silver for me is more precious than gold,” ponostalgirovat singer.

She added that Kirkorov grateful for your cooperation as learned a lot from him.

Lorac remembered as the man invited her to a restaurant and brought in McDonald’s. “All eyes look in that moment was aimed at us. People were surprised, they didn’t know what we’re doing. And we stocked up – bought a bunch of stuff! Philip was blissed out! It is actually very simple – in the shower still a child,” said the artist.

Also she knows that Lazarus with Kirkorov worked well and she for his friend calm.

“I’m sure Philip blesses, give your whole heart, if only Sergey has performed well. Kirkorov – a real fan of Eurovision. I think he should be President of this competition. Philip is in love with this competition for real. Other person I don’t know,” said Lorak.

As previously reported, ex-husband of Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian showed how spent the weekend with the seven year old daughter.

Лорак предложила неожиданную кандидатуру в президенты: «в душе ребенок»

So, in the Stories on his page in Instagram he published a photo with Sophia. Father took daughter to rest in the petting zoo, and theater.

When dealing with animals the girl was photographed with parrots, a microscope was looking at peacock feathers. Besides, the girl visited the rehearsal and even came on the scene, taking part in the presentation.

A little later Murat also added images of Sofia posing in funny shoes, and then – in a long black skirt and stylish t-shirt in the dressing room. It is worth noting that not a single photograph was not seen the girl’s mother, Ani Lorak, from which we can conclude that she did not take part in the walk broken home.

Recall that the ex-husband of Ani Lorak lost business: how to live a scandalous cheating after the divorce.

As reported Politeka, lorac remained in one bra for candid photos: “Girl-show”.

Also Politeka wrote that Ani Lorak was shocked by the size of the female shrines, “Wow.”